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12 Incredibly Romantic Proposal Ideas

Being a good husband is fun and all, but you can’t be the best groom without the most crucial element of the entire marriage process: figuring out how to propose.

Planning and executing the perfect proposal might seem impossible today, especially with the rising trend of documenting this intimate moment on social media. But you’ve got so many more ideas at your fingertips than previous generations: think of it as a wealth of strategy instead of an overwhelming deluge of other guys’ decisions.

Romance is pretty subjective, but you can never go wrong with a private dinner, a walk on the beach and a sunset proposal. However, there are a few things you can do to take it up a notch — like stringing up twinkly lights, scattering rose petals around the room, or having someone play music for you live. And, of course, no romantic night is complete without a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider! Just don’t try to propose in a way that doesn’t fit you and your girlfriend, just for the sake of making a big splash.

“We live in the era of “doing it for the ‘gram,” and that definitely adds an additional level of pressure when it comes to planning a proposal, including choosing the perfect ring,” says Toni Zehrer, the CMO at Kay Jewelers, Jared and Zales. “I say plan for the proposal your partner would want, not the proposal you think people want to see on [social media].”

If you feel like you’re lacking the creativity to come up with the picture-perfect proposal that will knock your partner’s socks off, then you’re not alone. However, we’ve gathered 12 of the most romantic proposals for your inspiration, if you’re looking for something that will spark your imagination. Who knows? Your proposal might end up on this list one day!

Propose at the restaurant where you had your first date

This romantic proposal comes with a celebrity twist! Justin Baldoni, who charmed generations of women as Rafael on Jane The Virgin, created an elaborate set up involving the restaurant he and then-girlfriend Emily had their first date. The production value on this proposal was more than your average Joe might have, but still, the basics are there: he made sure he proposed in a place that they both considered special.

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Consider asking her to marry you in a location that’s important to both of you, and dress up the familiar spot, whether it’s a restaurant or a park bench or the specific section in the library where she first caught your eye.

Propose in the pouring rain after flying to see her

Being there for your partner is incredibly important in any relationship, and pulling a stunt like this one shows that you’ll be there for your future bride under any circumstances. Whether or not you can actually come through on that promise every time, it’s the thought that counts. And while the sudden rain is a beautiful element that adds a little romance to any intimate moment, we think she’ll understand if you can’t make that happen.

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If you can’t guarantee rain—you’re a mere mortal, after all—try to add an element of spontaneity and desperate emotion in some other way. Give her something to breathlessly recount to her friends for months.

Propose in your own home, but decorate it first

This is definitely one of the more traditionally romantic proposals you can find out there on the internet, with the trail of rose petals and candle-lit room. One of the best things about this video is the inclusion of the kids in the family. Craig makes it a point to remind them that they’re all about to become a family, and that plays a key role in the proposal as well. Definitely something to remember if you’re proposing to someone who has kids!

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If you or your partner already has children, find a way to involve them in your proposal. You’re about to become a new family unit, so all the players should have a role in the big moment.

Propose using their favorite form of social media

If you can’t beat them, join them. But be very careful! That’s the philosophy Jason followed when he decided to make a fake Youtube video for his vlogger girlfriend Valeria. He followed a similar script format, but instead of reviewing a product or telling a crazy story, he talks about his favorite moments with her (and adds a couple of well-timed inside jokes along the way). Something like this is actually a lot easier to recreate than you might think — all you need is a camera and a knowledge of classic Youtube video templates.

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A gentle prank like this YouTube video stunt can work well in a proposal if you follow two rules. 1) the point of the prank must be to make her look cool, not silly and 2) don’t let her feel confused for more than a few minutes.

Propose with a riff on your long distance relationship

This proposal proves that you don’t need a bunch of people around to make this intimate moment legitimate! Sam and Monica were in a long distance relationship for a few years when he decided to get down on one knee. He rented a car for their anniversary and they drove up out of town for their special day. He showed her a video highlighting why he wanted to married her, and when she turned around he was on one knee. Simple, but effective!

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If you’re keeping things simple and private (which we actually recommend), make your girlfriend a little something to tell her how you feel. Whether it’s a video or a mix CD that plays in the car as you drive her to the proposal spot, do yourself a favor and set the scene.

Propose to her after a strenuous adventure

Even though his plan to propose to Alyssa almost didn’t happen AND their hike was completely uphill and in the sun, Gavin’s surprise proposal prevailed. With help from his family and friends, Gavin was able to create a romantic moment at the top of a hill complete with sparkling cider and a plate of cherries. It’s definitely one of the most scenic proposals we’ve ever seen!

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Few things make a couple feel closer than struggling through a physical feat together. If you plan to propose at the top of a mountain, make sure your girlfriend is a fan of hiking first. That way, you’ll both be so out of breath when you reach the peak, that you’ll probably be less nervous.

Propose to her with a trail of rose petals

Chris and Lauren found themselves in a long distance relationship after three years of dating. So while she thought he was in New York City, he surprised her with a limo ride, a short video talking about their story, and a candle-lit tent filled with twinkling lights (and her friends and family). This is one of the more classically romantic videos we found for sure, but it just goes to show that nothing beats the basics.

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The classics are classics for a reason, so don’t be afraid to involve candles, roses, a limo, or even her family as a surprise—but only if you’ve confirmed she’s into that kind of thing! For a woman who finds her family stressful, the last thing she wants to see when you get down on one knee is her mom and dad standing behind you with their iPhones out.

Propose to her on a rooftop

Vloggers Nicky and Ashley’s proposal, while quite simple, also comes with a how-to on how you can create your own picture perfect proposal. You can obviously tell in the video that she was surprised, but there weren’t any crazy gimmicks or tricks to getting her to say yes — just them, a trail of rose petals, a dope skyline, and the perfect ring. If you want to recreate their simple (yet sweet) proposal, they dropped links to each of the items seen in the video in their bio, from the string lights to the “ENGAGED AF” balloons. Score!

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If your girlfriend is serious about her Instagram presence, arrange for someone else to document the proposal before it actually happens. You want to give her the gift of not having to whip out her phone and take a selfie.

Propose to her with your friends and a walk down memory lane

Parker kept it personal by enlisting a group of friends and creating the perfect proposal in his own backyard by decorating the area with red roses, twinkle lights, live music, and their cute dog. And even though he forgot the ring right before he asked her to marry him, since he was already at home, it wasn’t a big fuss to run back inside and get it. Definitely hilarious, but a moment to remember nonetheless.

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If you two have a dog, involve your dog. If you two have an intimate backyard, use that backyard. Essentially, use the environment to your angle, and don’t be afraid to keep things simple.

Propose to her with a photo gallery of memories

No one can resist a cute, photo worthy wall. McKenna’s sisters knew that, so they finessed an entire day to end up right in front of the building where Tanner and their family and friends were waiting for her to arrive. When her sisters finally lead her inside, Tanner is waiting. As in many of these proposal videos, there are candles, twinkly lights, and photos of them hung up around the room.

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Show her you planned ahead by creating something that wasn’t there before, whether it’s a photo wall or a custom piece of art. Orchestrate a process that leads up to the actual proposal so she has time to sit with her emotions and happily realize what’s going on.

Propose while ice skating on Christmas Day

This video is a tad long, but it really sets up the stage for this couple’s proposal story. The future groom definitely takes a page out of the classic romantic proposal book, as proposing during the holidays is actually quite common. It’s cold outside, it’s cozy inside, and you have to get close to stay warm. It’s the perfect recipe to propose.

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Think about which time of year your girlfriend seems to adore most, and consider marking the occasion of your engagement during that season. If she’s most alive during the summer at the beach, then make it a beach proposal. If she loves nothing more than sweaters, cocoa, and lacing up her ice skates, well, then, start there.

Propose to her with a choreographed dance

If you’re proposing to an artist of any kind, whether they’re a dancer, painter, or singer, showing that you take an interest in their art is important. Implementing it into your proposal takes that a step further. Nick even goes as far as to learn the fake dance she would be learning at the audition, so he could step in and dance for his then-girlfriend! It takes time and a lot of effort, but it’s obviously worth a reaction like hers.

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We noted above that a proposal should always make your girlfriend look like the cool one. The inverse of this rule is that it can be really charming if you allow yourself to look like a bit of a fool. There’s nothing more romantic than a man acting silly because he knows it’ll charm his lady.

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