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The 3 Best Wedding Registries For Cash

Maybe you’re the couple who already has it all. Or maybe you’re the couple who is so focused on your wedding that you can’t even begin to think about what you’ll need for married life. Either way, it’s a solid option — and mind you, totally appropriate — to simply ask wedding guests for cash instead of gifts. That way you can put your money toward exactly what you want or need when the time is right, whether that’s to help pay off your wedding bills, put a down payment on a house, or to replace your broken dishwasher. No matter which route you take, these are the best registries for cash, along with everything you should know before you sign up:

The Knot Cash Funds

You’re already planning the rest of your wedding on The Knot (or at the very least, with their guidance), so it only makes sense to follow their lead with this money-based registry. They put all of the expertise on gift-giving, honeymoons, and wedding budgeting in one place, making it easy for hard-to-shop-for couples to get exactly what they’re looking for. 

Pros: Because you’re not asking for specific items, the funds can be edited or increased at any time, giving wedding guests the same kind of flexibility you’re looking for. Along those same lines, guests are given the opportunity to contribute to the amount of their choice to larger-scale gifts (think: $5,000 to cover the honeymoon). And if you want to get creative with as little effort as possible, The Knot will also offer suggestions, so guests know exactly where their money is going like a wine tour in France or a sky-diving adventure in Australia. 

Cons: Like many other cash registries, The Knot Cash Funds requires a 2.5% transaction fee for any purchases made with credit cards. Of course, this fee  paid by your guests and not you, but still it’s annoying nonetheless. 


Just like the name implies, SoKind is the perfect wedding registry for couples who are, well, so kind. Along with the regular ol’ cash contributions, SoKind lets guests make donations to your favorite charities or organizations, which is especially sentimental on such an important, somewhat emotional occasion. 

Pros: If you’re looking to make the start of your married journey even more meaningful, then head straight to SoKind. The digital registry focuses on finding gifts, ranging from money toward pet care or donations to charities near and dear to the couple’s heart, that are impactful to couples, no matter where they’re at in their journey. Wedding guests pay what they can, so even if someone can’t afford to splash out on your entire honeymoon flight or child care bill, they can still make a substantial impact. 

Cons: Monetary transactions don’t go directly through SoKind, so guests may have to make an extra step to give you cash (if that’s what your after). If you’re looking for physical cash rather than donations or gift cards, then they’ll have to mail you a check or send money through PayPal. The catch with PayPal: You’ll — yes, not them — be charged a small fee. 

BluePrint Registry

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything, then head to BluePrint Registry for a do-it-all wedding registry. Along with cash gifts, you can add donations, gift cards, or specific products to your wishlist, giving you the chance to get everything you can think of and more.

Pros: Just because you’re primarily focused on money (we get it) doesn’t mean you should rule out big-ticket gifts like bedroom furniture and appliances. You can organize your registry by room and create group gifting options for pricier items, so everyone feels comfortable contributing what they can. Cash-based gifts follow a pay-what-you-want model, so guests can give a gift that aligns with their budget. Best of all: BluePrint keeps track of the gifts and even sends thank you cards two weeks after your wedding. 

Cons: Because BluePrint is on the smaller side, it doesn’t offer a customized registry website to send to wedding guests. That means it may be difficult for guests to find your registry unless they know exactly what they’re looking for. And if specific items on your list didn’t meet your standards, you have to return gifts to the original retailer instead of BluePrint. 

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