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The 6 Best Wedding Gift Registries for Housewares

When registries surged to popularity in the 1990s (largely thanks to Target’s nifty scanner), couples thrived on the opportunity to pick-and-choose exactly what they desired for their homes. Though it’s true that most duos live together before saying ‘I do’ these days, it’s also accurate to speculate some of their household items are in desperate need for an upgrade.

Especially those couples who met in college or right after, their budget-friendly purchases could be on their last leg as they inch toward 30. If you and your partner are hopeful your registry will provide the makeover you crave, or if you are ‘officially’ living together, and thus, need everything, consider these top rated registries for housewares. Happy shopping!

The ONE Registry: Williams-Sonoma, West Elm and Pottery Barn 

For the completionist couple for a taste for variety

the one registry

Why only register for a single registry, when you can get three for one? That’s what the — appropriately titled — The ONE registry offers couples. With one landing page, you can scan items at a trio of retailers: Williams-Sonoma, West Elm and Pottery Barn.

Pros: Considering technology and a universal marketplace has expanded every shopper’s reach, many couples won’t stay loyal to one store for their registry. After all, just like one person won’t fulfill your every whim and wish, no one store has everything you need to make a house a home. That’s the benefit of The ONE, since it not only has a selection of kitchen, living room and bedroom essentials, but it offers a wide-variety of prices, providing an option for each guest’s budget. If there’s anything that’s left lingering once the Big Day has come and gone, you will receive a discount at each store. Another cool feature for those who are glued to their iPhones is the included app, which makes it easy for your younger guests to double click and be done shopping, stat.

Cons: Even though, yes, Pottery Barn is less pricey than West Elm, and West Elm is cheaper than Williams Sonoma, they’re all considered higher-end, compared to, well, Target. When creating a registry, it’s important to be somewhat realistic with your list, since you don’t want to put extra stress on guests who could be traveling for your celebration. Another potential annoyance with The One registry is shipping: nothing is standardized. So if your grandparents want to purchase something that’s on the heavier side, they’ll have to pay more. 

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Velvet Fringe Duvet and Sham Set

As two become one, your styles have to mesh together, too. Every relationship requires some compromise, and a nice work-around for the color theme in your bedroom is to choose a duvet cover. That way, you can shift shades every season.


For the digital native couple who likes a classic brand

Home of the original Macy’s, there’s something whimsical and somewhat rose-colored about a registry at Macy’s. Offering classic investments and practical housewares, there are some perks to this oldie-but-goodie:

Pros: Even if many brick-and-mortar Macy’s stores are shutting their doors, their online site only continues to grow. So if you and your soon-to-be-spouse don’t mind creating a registry digitally, this could be your housewares go-to. After all, they truly have nearly everything you need to outfit your apartment, condo or stand-alone structure, from linens and towels to curtains and dishes. We’re also a big fan of the price points at Macy’s, which offer variety for the spending limits of each guests. Plus, anything leftover at the end of your wedding celebration will be discounted at 20 percent, so you can finally have the decor and set-up you wanted. If you’re part of their Registry Star Rewards program, you’ll also earn points (and thus, cash back incentives) when your guests shop. 

Cons: If you live near a Macy’s, there is an in-store experience that can be booked ahead of time. However, the reviews of this aren’t so great, especially if you go on a chaotic Saturday when sales associates have limited time to assist. Though their website is vast, some reviewers shared the registry system is flawed, and some couples were sent duplicate items of some of their picks. 

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Peri Home Chenille Lattice 8-Piece Bath Kit Collection

New marriage, new towels! Even if you can’t agree on every aspect of decorating, you can probably find a middle ground on the desire for fresh, soft towels. This highly-rated set delivers on plush and absorbency.


For the offbeat, whimsical couple

anthropologie registry

If you were to describe your style as a couple, non-traditional might be your word choice. For couples who have a modern, indie aesthetic, a registry at Anthropologie is unexpected… and sort of perfect.

Pros: If you care more about specific, unique pieces rather than cookie cutter purchases, the creative flair of Anthropologie’s houseware department will feel like unwrapping a golden ticket. Not only do they feature various artisans from all over the world but their signature collection has just as much originality, too. Whether you register for linens, curtains, throw pillows, coffee mugs or other goods, your list will be filled with interesting and dynamic statements. Once you’ve said ‘I do’ and toasted with champagne, the store offers a 15 percent discount for anything remaining. And if your guests don’t feel like wrapping? They only charge $4 for the service, and provide a message for free. Talk about a painless endeavor!

Cons: Depending on what zip code you call home, you may not have an Anthropologie nearby. Though for your internet-savvy friends, this isn’t a big deal, for elders, it could become tricky. Also, this brand — while trendy — also isn’t exactly cheap, and your aunt may feel funny spending a cool $65 on a single whiskey glass. Shipping also isn’t standardized, and varies by weight and speed. If you’re starting from scratch post-wedding by moving in together, Anthro might not be the best option, since their supplies are typically limited.

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side table

Betania Side Table

Ideal for your iPhone, a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine), this sleek and modern side table fits in any room. Plus, it’s made of high-quality woods and definitely will upgrade your space.

Crate & Barrel

For the classic couple with a flair for discounts

crate and barrel registry

Bright colors, modern lines and a plethora of options, Crate & Barrel is a dream registry destination for couples who want to invest in style. With beautiful finds for every room of your home, it’s easy to go a little crazy as you find one stellar piece after another. 

Pros: Most couples want to be sensitive and mindful of their guest’s budgets. Even if they are saying ‘I do’ locally, there is always an expense with weddings, and duos want to ensure their beloved friends and family members are taken care of. You can consider Crate & Barrel a happy medium of registries, since most products are quality, without being outlandishly expensive. In addition to fitting the aesthetic for many different styles, Crate & Barrel also offers a completion incentive following the wedding day. You have six months to receive a 10 percent discount on any leftovers, which s a much longer duration than other shops. Guests also receive free shipping when they spend $99!

Cons: Like many stores, Crate & Barrel is decreasing the amount of stores they have open ‘in real life’ and investing heavily in their website. So it could be a bummer for you if you can’t have the ‘in person’ experience, and your guests could feel the same way. And while C&B does offer free shipping once your guests tally up to $100, they don’t for any items less, making it difficult to buy on the affordable side for some. 

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decorative rug

Tamar Rug

What brings a space together is often the one item we all forget about: a rug! Since a wedding is about joining two lives together, take this time to invest in a statement piece that will keep your floors protected, your toes warm, and your living room Instagrammable.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

For the no-nonsense couple that prefers a brick and mortar store

bed bath registry

What makes your first home together as a married couple unique is the way you connect your individual tastes… without creating chaos. With a vast selection of options, Bed, Bath and Beyond may not be the leader of originality, but they do make it easy to keep a home organized. 

Pros: When you imagine registering, do you think of an in-store experience? If so, Bed, Bath and Beyond is an ideal place. With a scanner in hand, you can spend an afternoon going through every section — kitchen, bath, travel and so on — thinking carefully about what you need for your abode. Just for signing up with B,B&B, you’ll receive a pair of matching coffee mugs, and you’ll be given 20 percent off anything left in your cart post-wedding. What really sets them apart, is the expansive inventory they boast, all at different price ranges and styles. 

Cons: Though, yes, they have a website, it isn’t the most user-friendly, according to many reviewers. So if you don’t want to spend time browsing with your one-and-only, building a registry from scratch digitally could be frustrating. It’s also important to remember that shipping is not standardized, so your guests may have to shell out dough to ensure your gift arrives when it’s supposed to. 

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Brabantia 8-Gallon Pedal Bin

No, registering for a trash can isn’t exactly the most exciting item. But hey, it’s necessary — and having a no-touch one is pretty cool. It also makes arguing over who takes out the trash a little less stressful, since this one will hide the stench, too.

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