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How To Save Money On Your Wedding: 18 Awesome Hacks

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is over $33,000, according to The Knot. That’s nuts (though not as pricey as these weddings). Luckily, there are a handful of wedding-planning hacks that can save you thousands of dollars without sacrificing style or setting on the big day. Nor will you have to start axing friends and family from your guest list. With these tips, you and your spouse can start your lives with a little extra cash knowing you weren’t complete suckers in the wedding game.

Wedding Flower Hacks

If there’s one thing that will shock you when planning a wedding, it’s the exorbitant cost of flowers. Between centerpieces, ceremony décor, bridal bouquets, and boutonnieres, floral arrangements typically make up approximately 10 percent of the wedding budget: a lot of cash for something that grows straight from the ground and dies in a couple days. With that being said, consider these cost-effective solutions:

Go Green

In recent years, greenery has become a wildly popular alternative to traditional flowers. Earthy, rustic, and boho-style weddings call for leaves and greens, which are longer-lasting and less expensive than flowers. Consider eucalyptus, ferns, baby’s breath, rosemary, thistle and other foliage—perfect for natural table runners, centerpieces, arches, and bouquet fillers.


Your bridesmaids no longer need their bouquets after they walk down the aisle. In fact, those expensive bundles usually end up crushed on a table at the reception. Instead, leave  empty vases on the tables at your reception, and have your bridesmaids sneak in after the ceremony and fill the vases with their bouquets. This trick is especially useful for couples with large wedding parties. You can also transfer ceremony décor to your cocktail hour or reception and save more money in the flower budget.

Choose In-Season Blooms

Do your research and talk to your florist about which flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding, then create your floral scheme from there. Local, in-season stems are the way to go, and significantly less expensive than out-of-season varieties that have to be shipped from around the world.

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Wedding Reception Hacks

Planning the ceremony is relatively easy: find an officiant, set up chairs, walk down the aisle, and you’re set (well, not completely) Planning the party is the difficult (and expensive) part.

Don’t get married on Saturday

This is the easiest way to save money on your wedding reception. Saturday might be the most convenient day for both you and your guests, but venues will, without fail, jack up their prices for a Saturday affair. Choose Friday or Sunday instead—people will still come!

Stick to One Spot

Hold your reception at the same site as your ceremony to eliminate the cost of transporting guests between venues. See if the venue will offer special deals and services if you choose to hold all your events there.

DIY Favors

Wedding favors are a nice idea, but most of the time they end up getting thrown out or stuffed in the miscellaneous drawer (we all have some form of this at home). Skip pricey vendors and enlist friends to help you make your own.

Wedding Invitation Hacks

Choosing the right wedding invitations can be more difficult than you might expect. With a crazy number of options to choose from—fonts, colors, letterpress, gold foil, envelopes—here’s how to save money on wedding invitations.

Use one envelope

Have you ever opened a wedding invitation and found three more small envelopes inside it? Don’t do that. Eliminate the cost of ordering additional envelopes in different shapes and sizes and put all of the information in one envelope. It’s helpful for your guests to have everything they need in one place, too.

Phone a friend

We all have that one friend with impeccable handwriting. Rather than paying extra cash to have names and addresses written in calligraphy on your envelopes, ask an artsy friend to help you address your invitations.

Embrace the digital age

It seems like a wedding is no longer a wedding without a website (and a hashtag). Use that to your advantage. Forego extra slips of paper for maps and directions and post the information online. People will probably Google your venue anyway. Furthermore, digital printing is less expensive than letterpress and other options when it comes to invitation typography. If you choose the right font and theme, digitally printed invitations will look just as beautiful.

Wedding Dress Hacks

Tread carefully here. The dress is, for the bride, the most important, statement-making purchase of the wedding. It will come at a high price, especially for something that’s only worn once, but this is not the place to skimp.

That said, if your bride does bring you into the dress decision-making process, you can (carefully) throw in a few general suggestions for how to save money on the wedding gown.

Avoid customization

Does she love the top of one dress and the bottom of another other? Gently suggest that it would be best for her to find one in which both top and bottom work. Chances are she’ll find one she loves exactly the way it is, and you won’t have to pay for multiple dresses, pieces, and alterations.

Try Something Borrowed

While the thought of renting a wedding gown or buying used isn’t as romantic as purchasing one’s own, it is much more practical. The concept is now mainstream, with plenty of rental options available online. Consider sites like, which lets you order online, try at home, and rent. And is an online marketplace where she can buy or sell used gowns at amazing prices.

Pick from Last Season

Assure her there’s absolutely no shame in buying a gown from last year’s collection. It’s unlikely that her bridal style will change the moment a new collection comes out, and she’ll be saving herself a lot of money by picking an on-sale style from last season as opposed to a brand-new, in-demand design

Wedding Photographer Hacks

A picture is worth a thousand words—and will cost double that in dollars, at the very least. You want to remember your special day, but beware of extra fees, hours, and add-ons that could break the bank.

Go Digital

It’s easier than ever to create a wedding album yourself. That means you can ask your photographer for an online-only photo album and print the photos yourself in a cost-effective way through an album-making site. You’ll save hundreds by forgoing the photographer album option. Your guests will also be able to access your site after the wedding and browse photos.

Stay on Schedule

Photographers typically charge by the hour, so on the big day be sure to stick to your schedule. If you’re late to your ceremony, all wedding-day events will get pushed back and your photographer might have to stay longer and charge extra.

You can also cut back on hours by having the photographer stay for only part of the reception. Everyone is a photographer these days, so ask your guests to take plenty of photos once your professional photographer leaves so you can still remember those later moments. Or leave disposable cameras on every reception table and see what your guests capture.

Go Local

Select a wedding photographer that lives near your venue so you don’t have to pay for airfare, mileage, accommodations, etc. If you have friends or family who have used photographers in the area, ask for recommendations and find out if the photographer offers referral discounts, which can save you up to 20%.

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Wedding Food/Drink/Catering Hacks

People come to a wedding for the couple—but they stay for the food and drinks. You want to make sure your guests are happy and fed.  Here’s what you can do: serve up some delicious fare without spending too much on needless high-end touches.

Limit Your Bar Options

If you decide to include an open bar at your cocktail hour and reception, opt to offer only beer, wine, Champagne, and one or two signature cocktails. Your guests will still have plenty of booze, and you won’t have to buy countless bottles of every type of liquor that often end up going to waste. Another option is to provide an open bar during cocktail hour, but a cash bar at the reception. Or cut off the open bar one or two hours into the reception.

Go For The Buffet

Wedding formalities have been put on the back burner in recent years. You’re no longer expected to provide a full three- or five-course meal. Choose a buffet dinner instead of a sit-down dinner and let your guests pick the foods they love best—everyone wins.

Keep Hors D’oeuvres Light

With a full meal on its way after cocktail hour, and plenty of drinks in between, there’s no need to dish out endless appetizers to your guests. Keep it to a few delicious passed hors d’oeuvres that will hold your guests over without filling them up.

Bottom Line

Weddings are crazy expensive, but there are legal hacks that can save you a bundle.

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