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Black Tux Review: Tuxedo & Suit Rental Guide

by Paul Underwood January 2020
Best Overall
Best Overall: The Black Tux

Best Overall: The Black Tux

This online-only innovator arrived in 2012 with the promise of renting tuxes to modern men—no atrocious baggy fits, no six-button vests, no mall stores. Glossy magazine profiles followed, and the brand maintains that momentum today. The Black Tux delivered a first-class experience from start to finish.

For information on how suit/tux rental sites work, and how we tested, see our comparative guide to online suit and tux stores.


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The selection was stylish and fun, the website was witty and warm, the packaging was clever and original (from the thoughtful, Steinbeck-quoting card to the White Russian recipe on the tag), and most important, the tux looked good. If you’re just looking to hit your marks and disappear into the scenery, this isn’t for you. If you want to stand up and stand out, The Black Tux is your pick.


More expensive than other brands.


48 options, ranging from the classic to the zany. (The split tartan tux? Like a bagpiper’s kilt… on acid.)


On the higher end, but great value for the money—and you can find promo codes online. There are also deals if you decide to buy the tux you rented. Renting the tux alone ranges $110-$145, while renting the entire ensemble (shoes, tie, shirt, etc.) will be an additional $60.

Ease of Use

It is extremely easy and fast to rent a tux on The Black Tux site. The descriptions are witty and helpful, and the brand voice makes it feel like you’re renting a tux from the friendliest sales guy you’ve ever met—a Ryan Reynolds type, but less snarky.

The package inside (with all the wit) includes a few extra words of advice on the label (see photo left) and the recipe for a White Russian (photo, right).


Solid overall. There’s an option to buy your rental tux, and while I didn’t take advantage of it, I would definitely consider it under different circumstances.

Fitting Process

A very detailed (yet fast and easy) fit quiz. You will want to know basics like your inseam in advance.


Mostly accurate. My jacket was a little bigger than it should have been in the chest and arms, but nothing a quick run to the tailor wouldn’t have fit.

Physical Stores

None. But they do have showrooms and a presence in Nordstrom’s in several states includes California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia Washington)

Re: Groomsmen Coordination

The online system for inviting groomsmen to your event is one of the best in the game. You can also indicate if you’re picking up the tab on their tuxes. Grooms also rent free if your party has six or more groomsmen. Just note: Some of the more outre tux designs are not available for group rental. (So much for your tartan-themed wedding…)

Customer Service

Strong. There’s a highly detailed online FAQ, along with the typical options to chat, text, email or call.

Time Required

My order shipped a healthy 25 days before my event, and I had a generous three days before I had to send it back. Both are longer than standard.


Another best-in-class moment. The box was the thinnest of the bunch (see photo, bottom left), which made it the easiest to transport (or bring on a flight). And the details were just plain fun—a White Russian recipe on the tag of the jacket, a Steinbeck quote on the inside of the box (see photo, below right), super-helpful cards and notes to guide the experience. Chances are, you’re renting a tux for a special occasion, possibly even the most special occasion of your life. The Black Tux, more than any other rental place, gets that.

Return Policy

Return your tux to its box, affix the included shipping label, and drop it in the mail—within three days of your event.

Bottom Line

Not just easy, but fun, and that makes a huge difference.

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