The 5 Best Beachfront Spots For Your Stay In Tulum The 5 Best Beachfront Spots For Your Stay In Tulum

The 5 Best Beachfront Spots For Your Stay In Tulum

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Tulum boasts Mayan ruins, cenotes (underground fresh water caves), white sand beaches and turquoise waters–all of which make it a dream destination for newlyweds. Whether you’re looking to splurge, save or simply get away from it all, there’s a honeymoon-worthy room—with an ocean view no less. Here, the five best beachfront spots to stay in Tulum.

  • Be Tulum

    Be Tulum, Tulum, Mexico
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    If money’s no object, Be Tulum has long been the go-to choice of wealthy trendsetters. It recently got an upgrade, when Architect Sebastian Sas unveiled new luxury villas. As long as you’re investing your money, opt for one of second floor suites, which boast a private terrace, pool and rooftop—the perfect setting for sharing a bottle of bubbly or tequila and star-gazing.

  • Nest Tulum

    NEST Tulum, Tulum, Mexico
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    If privacy is a paramount concern, Nest Tulum is all about intimate tranquility. Each of the nine individually-styled guest bungalows and common spaces are simply decorated with locally-sourced furniture and artisan-made items. If you’re looking to impress your lady, the room to book is “Ocean One,“ replete with a king size bed (it’s your honeymoon after all), bathtub, ocean view private terrace and direct beach access.

  • Sanará Tulum

    Sanara Tulum, Tulum, Mexico
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    If wellness is what you’re after, then head to Sanará Tulum. Posh and pristine, this place takes wellness-oriented eco-luxury to the next level. While your wife may be the one more likely to take advantage of the spa and yoga offerings, you’ll both equally enjoy your stay in one of the Ocean Side Tamarind Suites. The allure of the private private garden, complete with an outdoor bathtub, is undeniable. At night, the romantic lighting is sure to set the mood.

  • Ahau Tulum

    Ahau Tulum, Tulum, Mexico
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    Has your wife been a little less…laid back since you got engaged? Maybe the wedding planning process was particularly stressful for her, or maybe she just isn’t used to the idea of being married yet. Either way, if you’re looking to just slow down and relax, now that the wedding is over, Ahau Tulum is the place to take her. This hotel/community is an eco-conscious oasis, constructed with sustainable, locally-harvested timber. When it comes to the room, do yourself a favor and book the Top Level Master Suite. It features vaulted ceilings, panoramic ocean views and an extra-large private deck with a two-person hammock. Just the right spot to reset your stress response.

  • Zamas

    ZAMAS Hotel, Tulum, Mexico
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    If you’re on a tight budget, look to Zamas. Don’t expect luxury accommodations here, just a cool, super low key hotel with rooms on the beach. No doubt you’ll spend quite a bit of time relaxing in the hammocks and sipping a smoothie (with or without alcohol) at the bar. Plus, the tacos are legit. For $165 a night, you can stay in a Beachfront Chica room, meaning you’ll wake up, roll out of your king size bed and be on the beach.