Four of the Best Resorts In Tahiti (Not on Bora Bora) Four of the Best Resorts In Tahiti (Not on Bora Bora)

Four of the Best Resorts In Tahiti (Not on Bora Bora)

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Most people go to Tahiti for Bora Bora. It’s currently the hottest destination, especially for honeymooning couples, and is famous for its overwater bungalows and crystal-clear lagoon.

But most of the tiny islands of Tahiti are just as beautiful as their more famous cousin. Anyone flying over has to stop on the island of Tahiti anyway, so you might as well take a night or two (or three or four) exploring all things not Bora Bora. Check into one (or more) of these four amazing resorts, any one of which can offer an unforgettable honeymoon for you and your lady.


  • Le Meridien Tahiti

    Tamanu, 98718 Tahiti, France
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    This is the best hotel on the main island of Tahiti, so it’s popular with conventions, cruise lines and people on layover in the capital city of Papeete. But it’s not nearly as packed as you’d expect. As soon as you walk through the lobby, gaze past the unique, canoe-shaped architecture and floating pond, and you’ll see that the resort seems to go on for miles. Landscaped gardens with swaying palms, a beautiful pool with an outdoor bar, and a sprawling beach make it breathtaking. The Senior Suite (about $800 a night) is perfectly situated on the top floor so the views are breathtaking, and the Presidential Suite is a major upgrade for $150 more (you get an outdoor terrace that’s basically as big as the room at 2,000 square feet). Le Meridien is the only hotel on Tahiti with overwater bungalows, and they’re decked out with huge balconies and Polynesian designs, at only $470 a night. They might not be Bora Bora Bungalows, but they’re still kind of awesome.

    best hotel | overwater bungalows | sprawling beach

  • Intercontinental Moorea

    InterContinental Resort And Spa Moorea, Windward Islands, French Polynesia
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    Intercontinental Moorea Resort, located on the island of Moorea, has a sheltered bay, a beautiful lagoon, and overwater bridges that connect different parts of the resort–so you can couples-point at the fish below, just like in the brochures. The sliver of beach is sweet, the sunsets are totally unobstructed, and it’s one of few places that has an infinity pool with a swim-up bar. There’s load of activities to do on the property, including a dolphin center, a turtle center, a dive center, and the first spa to open in Tahiti. We recommend the overwater bungalows ($435 a night) which have crisp clean lines and some amazing views. But the Junior Suite Garden Pool Bungalows are amazing as well. You get your own private plunge pool and thatched gazebo, surrounded by lush, tall foliage so you can do whatever you want here without anyone seeing. They’re also a steal at $358 a night.

    bay and lagoon | tons of activities | overwater bungalows

  • Vahine Island

    Vahine Island Private Resort, French Polynesia
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    Vahine is the type of place honeymooners book when they really want to go off the grid. Though you can see Bora Bora from Vahine, this remote private island is truly in the middle of nowhere. There are only 9 rooms (beach bungalow at $500 a night, beach suite at $587 a night and overwater bungalows at $620 a night), so the chances of seeing another soul are extremely rare. Vahine is barefoot luxury at its finest, though it is also one of the few resorts out here with free wifi. Expect fresh caught fish at dinner, after a day of swimming, relaxing and learning the proper way to crack a coconut.

    remote private island | 9 rooms | barefoot luxury

  • The Brando

    The Brando Resort, French Polynesia
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    We saved the best for last. The Brando Resort on the private island Tetiaroa (a twenty-minute flight from Tahiti) is basically an eight-star resort. Named after Marlon Brando, who bought the island in 1966, the resort opened in 2014, and has experienced full occupancy ever since. There are 35 villas: massive places with separate living areas, outdoor bathtubs, private pools, and their own dedicated beach areas. There’s also an organic garden, a pearl shop, a beach bar, a lagoon-view bar, a pool, and amazing service. If you’re starting to feel guilty about all this glamorous luxury, here’s something to make you feel better: The Brando is LEED certified (meaning there is zero carbon footprint here; Brando was pretty eco-conscious). One-bedroom villas start at $3,200 a night, but if you can afford it the splurge is absolutely worth it, so start pocket-digging.

    8 star resort | massive villas | amazing amenities