Tahiti’s Most Beautiful Natural Attractions Tahiti’s Most Beautiful Natural Attractions

Tahiti’s Most Beautiful Natural Attractions

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Tahiti is famous for honeymoons because it’s so damn beautiful. Sure, there are overwater bungalows, endless luxuries, and exotic places to eat and drink, but all of it was created around the unbelievable natural landscapes, romanced-drenched views that cameras can never perfectly capture. Be prepared to have your mind blown with these six amazing spots that put Tahiti on the map as a honeymoon destination.

  • Lipona

    Hiva Oa, Southern Group, Marquesas Islands, Tahiti
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    Remember in the Indiana Jones movies where Harrison Ford would stumble upon mysterious ancient artifacts that looked like they could wake the dead? Lipona in Hiva Oa is kind of like that. Obviously, it’s not life-threatening (well, as far as we know), it just has the kind of vibe that make you think there was some ritualistic ceremony here at some point in the past. Lipona is the best-preserved archaeological site in the islands, and it’s equally eerie and breathtaking. There are five tikis—old stone statues—all symbolizing something (a pregnant woman or a warrior chief) and, once you learn its history from the tour guide, you’ll remember this moment your whole lives.

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  • Cook’s Bay

    Cook's Bay, Tahiti
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    If you’re in Moorea, you need to check out Cook’s Bay. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in all of Tahiti, which is why it’s part of the tourist circuit (most boats dock here). The natural landscape is so impressively scenic, it’s not uncommon for honeymooners to skip out on exploring the rest of the island. Cook’s is basically a sprawling bay with a large stretch of water with Mount Rotui as a backdrop, making it unarguably picture perfect. If you happen to be here at the right time, you’ll see the most beautiful rainbows, too. In addition to being a popular chill out spot, there’s plenty of fun things to do here (like little Ma and Pa shops and dining options like Allo Pizza, considered the best pizza in the islands).

    natural landscape | sprawling bay

  • Les Sables Rose

    Fakarava, Tuamotus Islands, The Tuamotu and Gambier Islands, Tahiti
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    In Fakarava, this scenic landscape, anchored by a series of pink- and white-sand beaches, is a visual masterpiece and testament to Tahiti. You can only reach Les Sables Rose by boat, and when you arrive, you’ll see that rare, ocean beauty and deserted island realness you only see in magazines. Surrounded by deep aqua blue water, these unspoiled beaches are so remote you’ll quite possibly be the only ones here. Most honeymooners take a million photos before they step foot on the island for a full day of reenacting their own Cast Away moments.

    visual masterpiece | aqua blue water | remote

  • Ile aux Recifs

    Rangiroa, Tuamotus Islands, The Tuamotu and Gambier Islands, Tahiti
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    Ile aux Recifs is one of the most beautiful spots in the island of Rangiroa, and it’s a shame that many travelers miss it because it’s slightly off the beaten path. An hour by boat from Avatoru, Ile aux Recif is essentially a small area that’s chock full of coral rock outcrops that have been shaped/eroded naturally into petrified silhouettes by wind and water. But that’s not the best part. You can actually swim within the basin and channels in the crystal-clear water, while taking in the ridiculously beautiful backdrop.

    coral rock | swimming | crystal-clear water

  • Tohua Koueva

    Nuku Hiva, Northern Group, Marquesas Islands, Tahiti
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    Legend has it that Tohua Koueva in Nuka Hiva was the stomping ground for war chiefs, and we are pretty sure we know why. It’s beautiful, chock full of banyan trees, lush green landscape and tropical flowers, setting the scene for breathtaking, non-seascape, in-land Tahiti. It’s one of the greenest places in the islands, and locals regularly gather here to enjoy the sprawling, peaceful backdrop. When you have Tahiti as a backyard and you choose to come hang out here instead? Well you know that means it’s worth it.

    lush green landscape | sprawling backdrop

  • Lagon Bleu

    Lagon Bleu, Rangiroa, Tuamotus Islands, The Tuamotu and Gambier Islands, French Polynesia
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    When you picture Tahiti, you picture this. Lagon Bleu is the ultimate, storybook setting, gracing postcards a plenty. In Rangiroa, it’s a string of motus and coral reefs that formed a natural pool on the outskirts of a main reef: a lagoon within a lagoon. You can walk knee-deep across the sea to visit a bird island sanctuary and spits of white- and pink-coral sandy beaches, because that’s literally the only thing to do here. Lagon Bleu is essential, Tahitian paradise you can only experience if you take an excursion boat from Avatoru, about an hour away.

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