Outdoor Adventures For Honeymooners In Jamaica Outdoor Adventures For Honeymooners In Jamaica

Outdoor Adventures For Honeymooners In Jamaica

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Jamaica has a tendency to change people who visit it. You might return home from vacation with a newfound love for drum circles, beaded bracelets and island weed. But that’s not the only love to be found here. There are plenty of activities in Jamaica that will make you love your spouse even more than you did before, romantic adventures that the two of you will treasure for the rest of your lives together. Get romantic with these unforgettable couples’ activities.

  • Ride a bobsled

    Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
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    Remember Cool Runnings? That movie about that Jamaican bobsled team that went to the Olympics? Well so do the rest of the tourists coming to Jamaica, and Mystic Mountain knows that. Mystic Mountain is an amusement park in the Ocho Rios rainforest whose signature attraction is its bobsled ride. Don’t worry, it won’t be nearly as dangerous as the real thing; the ride has special handbrakes so you can go at your own speed through the tropical landscape. There’s all sorts of other stuff for the two of you to do as well, like butterfly gardens, ziplines, and tramways.

    amusement park | tropical landscape

  • Blue Lagoon

    Moon San Villa at the Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio, Jamaica
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    You don’t have to fling yourself to Tahiti or Iceland to chill out in a blue lagoon, there’s one right in Port Antonio’s backyard. It’s possibly the most scenic place in Jamaica, with turquoise waters under an endless sky. Unlike the lagoons of Tahiti and Iceland, it’s actually pretty deep, so brush up on those swim lessons.  It’s also a mix of saltwater and freshwater, which is why people come here to “heal” from the mineral springs. The color of the lagoon changes throughout the day, so you could spend eight hours here and feel like you saw eight different lagoons. Or, you might have had too much Red Stripe. Either way, make Blue Lagoon a priority.

    turquoise waters | endless sky

  • Dunn’s River Falls

    Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
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    Dunn’s River Falls is like a magical eraser of stress. The 600-foot waterfall with multiple tiers and wading pools is breathtaking. You’ve probably seen pictures of it online. Your friends posted it on Instagram. Literally any reality show that films in Jamaica shoots a scene here. It sounds just as good as it looks, with cascading water and chirping birds. Leave your worries behind, do some rock climbing, and lounge the day away at Dunn’s River Falls.

    600-foot waterfall | stress eraser

  • Doctor’s Cave Beach

    Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay, St. James Parish, Jamaica
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    Flying to Jamaica and not going to the beach is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. Who does that? Business people, maybe, but you’re not on business. You’re on your honeymoon, and it’s Jamaica, so break out the flip flops and head to Doctor’s Cave Beach. It’s the most famous beach on the island and you’ll find throngs of tourists here sunbathing, smoking weed, and splashing in the waves. It’s integral to Montego Bay–in fact it’s named after an actual doctor who helped establish Montego Bay as a resort town.

    most famous beach | lots of tourists

  • River raft

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    We’re not saying you have to float down a river on a raft in Jamaica as a romantic ride with your wife on your honeymoon. We’re just saying you should. The rivers in Jamaica (there are about 100 of them) are sublime, and a great way to see the rainforest. Whether it’s a nifty little boat or a fun raft made out of bamboo with a skipper to pole you downstream, river rafting is a classic Jamaican activity. Black River is the most popular: flanked by mangroves, with plenty of birds and animals (including crocodiles) sharing the view, it feels like a safari. If Huckleberry Finn were alive and honeymooning in Jamaica, this river joy would be a daily thing for him.

    great way to see rainforest | classic Jamaican activity | Black River