Fresh Bachelor Party Restaurants In Montreal Fresh Bachelor Party Restaurants In Montreal

Fresh Bachelor Party Restaurants In Montreal

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In the past few years, Montreal’s restaurant scene has exploded. For a while, bachelor party groups had a standard circuit of classic places to go, so they basically hit up all the notable spots in one weekend. Now the city is so crowded with tons of amazing new restaurants, it’s difficult to pick among the best spots.

We got you covered. These are the best new restaurants in Montreal, every one worth a visit while in town for your bachelor party.

  • SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar

    SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar, Place Royale, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    One of the hippest restaurants to recently debut, SeaSalt & Ceviche Bar opened with mad hype in Montreal’s old port. This probably explains why it gets so busy. Waitstaff might be a little slow and you might wait some time because the kitchen isn’t insanely huge, but it’s worth it. SeaSalt has become the place for big groups, thanks to delicious bites to share, and the fact that it’s outdoors, so you get a good breeze from the water. They take fresh seafood and ceviche to the next level here, so obviously order ceviche and their claim-to-fame, the lobster roll.

    the place for big groups | shareable bites | outdoors

  • Campo

    Campo, Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    “Fast casual” has been the buzz term in restaurants these days. Plenty of notable chefs are offering elevated meals in (wait for it) fast and casual ways. It’s definitely triggered a global trend. You don’t have to make reservations, sit in a fancy room and eat with silverware to enjoy a good meal. This is why Campo stands out. The cool, no-frills, fast-casual spot in downtown Montreal is as good as it gets for quick-and-easy bites. It’s all about perfectly seasoned Portuguese chicken here (from sandwiches to chicken wings), and the poutine is like crack. It’s the type of place you’ll go for lunch if you have a loaded schedule, and it deserves a medal for it’s famous sandwiches.

    fast-casual | poutine is like crack | no frills

  • Jumak

    Jumak Cuisine Coréenne, Queen Mary Road, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    We hope you love Korean BBQ, because Jumak doesn’t fuck around. This authentic Korean joint has been killing it since it opened last year, and it’s one of the hottest spots for ethnic eats. Expect low-key vibes (there’s nothing fancy here) in a simple, casual space that dishes out insanely good, authenticl Korean food. The banchan (side dishes) are just as delicious as the entrees, and the service is friendly as hell, like you’re part of the family. There’s no Korean dish they don’t do (they even serve up a mean bibimbap), and it’s possibly now the best Korean restaurant in town.

    Korean BBQ | low-key vibes | hottest ethnic spot

  • Le Diplomate

    Le Diplomate, Rue Beaubien Ouest, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    Le Diplomate tips the hipster scale. Only open a few years, this restaurant is sort of like a diner, bar, bistro and cafe rolled into one, with a hip contemporary vibe. There’s only 25 seats in the main dining area, but you’ll want to saddle up at the bar, which faces the open kitchen. It feels like a traditional tapas bar in Spain or even a sushi bar at a Japanese restaurant, but it’s definitely where all the action is. It’s all about creative, globally-inspired small plates here, everything from perfectly plated duck to fish, which makes foodies freak out with Instagram love.

    hipster | sit at the bar | international tapas

  • Otto Yakitori Izakaya

    Otto Yakitori Izakaya, Saint Mathieu Street, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    Knowing where to find the best Japanese restaurant is sort of an ego thing. “I know the best Japanese restaurant in my city,” everyone says, everywhere. We get it. It impresses people. Don’t expect any different in Montreal, and most fingers now point at Otto Yakitori Izakaya. People rave about this place. An Izakaya (translation: party place) is where tables are packed, people are knocking back booze and eating tons of great grub in a lively atmosphere. Otto focuses on traditionally chargrilled Yakitori skewers and trademark Japanese dishes, and the good vibes are pretty infectious here. It’s the first yakitori in Montreal, and only opened  recently, so it’s still riding a huge buzz.

    best Japanese | good vibes | booze