Montreal’s Best Bachelor Party Nightclubs Montreal’s Best Bachelor Party Nightclubs

Montreal’s Best Bachelor Party Nightclubs

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Montreal’s nightlife scene is one for the books, and it’s built a solid reputation for its wild, no-holding-back, after-hours scene. Whatever your ritual for an epic night out (twenty push-ups, splash on the expensive cologne, pre-game shot) do it twice as hard: it’s time to rage. Here are the five best nightclubs to get crunked up, immortalize your bachelor party and go out with a serious bang.

  • Tokyo Bar

    Tokyo Bar, Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    One of the longest standing night spots in Montreal, Tokyo Bar is a high-energy, intimate space with a main dance floor and rooftop terrace. It’s not a megaclub (you won’t find fist pumpers or bottle service here), but a crazy fun space with all around good vibes. It gets pretty turnt later in the night, with live DJs spinning house music, pop and hip hop. It’s mostly a diverse crowd (ethnic, professionals, rockers, bankers, what have you), and the girls are always hot, no matter what night of the week.

    high-energy | diverse crowd | live DJs

  • Muzique

    Muzique, Saint Laurent Boulevard, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    The ultimate nightclub in Montreal, Muzique is a magnet for bachelor parties, and it seems to be a meeting place for the most attractive people in the city. You know, the type of people who still look like models in 3 AM party photos, dripping with sweat, dancing and drunk out of their minds. But that’s the beauty of Muzique. It’s where revelers want to be seen and it’s all about the party. In fact, it’s the club where most celebrities (Vin Diesel, Tommy Lee, etc) like to party down when they’re in town. Expect a high-end experience: velvet ropes, disco ball, fat beats, smoke machines, dancers, bottle service. Seriously, the works. It’s the way the French-Canadians do Vegas without hopping on a plane. There’s a rooftop bar and patio for fresh air, and things get particularly debaucherous and rowdy late at night.

    most attractive people | celebrities | rooftop bar

  • Le Rouge

    Le Rouge Bar, Prince Arthur Street West, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    One of the more upscale clubs, Le Rouge is where you’ll have to clean out your wallet to have an epic night. Due to its reputation for being high class (in a more or less unpretentious way), the high prices repel college kids, so it’s flooded with young professionals that really want to kick it over the weekend. The club is sleek and snazzy with a killer sound system, bottle service and two dance floors that’s swarming with clubbers as the night goes on. The music is also ideal. You won’t find monotonous EDM but top 40s, some house, 80s and popular hits, songs you actually know.

    upscale | young professionals | ideal music

  • Stereo

    StereoBar, Saint Catherine Street East, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    It’s all about that bass at Stereo. This rave-y spot is where most bachelor party groups end up late, late at night (it opens at 2 am) to knock back shots, pump fists and drop pills to the crazy loud sound system. There’s often live music, but the DJs (many internationally famed) tear it up here in the heart of downtown Montreal. Stereo takes house and techno music seriously (it feels more like a platform for amazing DJs rather than a place to make a dime). You will absolutely find modern, millennial ravers here, which only proves that music is the answer to life, or whatever their motto is these days. Regardless, it’s fun as hell.

    rave-y | late night | millennial ravers

  • New City Gas

    New City Gas, Ottawa Street, Montreal, QC, Canada
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    Speaking of ravers, it’s basically a rave every weekend at New City Gas. While it feels like a massive warehouse party inside this 859 industrial space, you don’t have to break out your sweat band and glow sticks here. There are famous acts that perform live, and the crowd is more eclectic than you would expect. To be honest, New City Gas is basically the stomping ground for people who like to get fucked up, meet some other fucked up people, dance into oblivion and do it all again tomorrow. NCG loves hosting bachelor parties, and they actually roll out the red carpet for grooms-to-be, who get the royal treatment with priority tables.

    massive warehouse party | loves hosting bachelor parties