Outdoor Activities, Denver Style Outdoor Activities, Denver Style

Outdoor Activities, Denver Style

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Denver is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Rocky Mountain West or Colorado West (don’t make the mistake of calling it the Midwest… the locals will have your head), but it’s still in the middle of sprawling natural landscape.

You can find awesome outdoors activities without even leaving the city. Pack some sneakers and check out these memorable, guy-friendly activities to fill up the days of your bachelor party weekend.

  • Hop on two wheels for an urban cycling adventure

    2737 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, USA
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    Denver is mostly flat, and many locals opt to get around on bike. It makes sense. The scenery is good, the air is fresh and bike culture is strong here. Throw in 85 miles of actual bike trails (including popular Cherry Creek Bike Path and The Greenway Trail) and it’s a cyclist’s paradise. Biking is such a thing that most hotels rent out or loan bikes, so you’re good to go as soon as you check in. You can also explore Denver with the awesome bike-share program, Denver B-Cycle. Bottom line: you’re gonna bike.

    scenery | 85 miles of trails | bike-share program

  • Get up close and personal at Coors Field

    Coors Field, Blake Street, Denver, CO, United States
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    Depending on when you plan your bachelor party, you may be able to catch a game at the legendary Coors Field. This stadium is where all the action is, come spring fever, but if you can’t get tickets, you can still get a tour. Coors Field arranges group and private tours year round, so if you’re coming in summer or fall, you’re still good as gold. Just remember to lock and load tickets plenty of time in advance as the tours sell out fast.

    catch a game | tours | buy tickets

  • Tap into your inner monster with Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

    Elitch Gardens, Elitch Circle, Denver, CO, United States
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    Just because you’re a grown-ass man doesn’t mean you can’t have theme-park fun. Get all sorts of nostalgic at Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park right in the heart of Denver. Obviously it’s a place parents bring their little monsters, but adults get huge kicks out of it. This park is one of the oldest places in Denver at 125 years old, and it’s open May to November, so the timing is perfect for your bachelor party. There’s more than 50 rides and attractions, including roller coasters and a water park with hot lifeguards. It’s definitely worth two hours of your time. And who doesn’t want to get on a six-story fun ride called Hydro-Beast SlideZilla???

    125 years old | summer season | 50 rides

  • Get your cardio fix at It Burns

    It Burns Joe Fitness, West 111th Drive, Westminster, CO, United States
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    Denver is full of fitness freaks. They’re everywhere, you can’t avoid them. Denver’s outdoor lifestyle is an active lifestyle, and everyone seems to participate. Including Joe Hendricks. A former pro BMX biker, Joe leads the biggest fitness group in the country with 11,000 members, and his outdoor bootcamps get up to 260 people per session. You’ll definitely squash that hangover at this free class. A session lasts up to two hours long with every fat-burning, muscle-building workout you can imagine included (military exercises, bleacher running, etc). It’s full of packs of friends getting their warrior on, and you can bet you’ll be sore in the morning.

    outdoor bootcamp | free class | 2 hour workout

  • Kayak Confluence Park

    2373 15th St, Denver, CO 80202, United States
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    For those who want to take it super chilled out and easy, Washington Park is 155 acres of lush grounds and two lakes. You’ll find all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts here thanks to its jogging, walking and bike paths and tennis courts (not to mention outdoor yoga classes and a croquet field), but most people really like to unwind and chill. However, for those who want to go kayaking (which you can’t do at Washington Park), head straight to Confluence Park, that other park in Denver that’s the complete opposite of Washington Park. Confluence is a little rough around the edges but it’s home to Confluence Kayaks, which sets you up for pretty awesome whitewater chutes and rapids, literally right there in the city.

    whitewater chutes | rapids in the city