Here’s Where To Get (Legally) High In Denver Here’s Where To Get (Legally) High In Denver

Here’s Where To Get (Legally) High In Denver

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No, we’re not talking about rooftop bars this time. Recreational marijuana is currently legal in Colorado, so getting high just became your new favorite reason to visit. While public cannabis consumption is still illegal, you can legally purchase up to one ounce of pot in Denver (don’t try to take it home with you, though, as having pot in an airport is still a fuzzy area.)

We could make a lot of jokes about how Denver is now literally the Mile High City, but that would be terrible. Not terrible: these awesome places you can party down with Mary Jane to get the best high out of your nights.

  • Sexpot Comedy

    Sexpot Comedy, Denver, CO, United States
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    Sexpot Comedy took over the world with its uncensored, provocative and hilarious shows. While there are more than 30 live shows every month in Denver, Chicago and NYC, Denver is the original home, and it’s packed with irreverent comedy shows. In fact, it was named one of the five funniest nights in America by GQ, so don’t expect a dud performance ever. What makes the show even better? Smoking a huge doobie right before.

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  • Puff Pass and Paint

    2087 S Grant St, Denver, CO, United States
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    Nothing conjures the Picasso in you like blazing up a fat joint. In fact, half the time you’re stoned you wonder why there’s no sketchpad or canvas lying around. We’ve all been there. Thankfully, with Puff Pass and Paint, there’s very little effort in proving your inner visual genius while you’re high. PPP is the world’s first-ever, pot-friendly painting class. No, seriously. You literally paint for two hours while smoking up with Denver-based painter Heidi Keyes and a handful of other artsy stoners. It’s super social while being creative, as you can see in this CNN clip (


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  • My 420 Tours

    My 420 Tours, Denver, CO, United States
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    My 420Tours is the full, green experience that takes marijuana lovers to an all-time high, in more ways than one. In fact, considering the tours revolve around weed, it’s the real deal. My420Tours classes are all about pot, it’s tours are all pot and it’s heart and soul is—surprise—very herby. They do everything from Grow & Dispensary tours and cannabis massages, to cooking with cannabis and even creative, quirky themed classes like “Sushi, Sake and Joint Rolling.” Ah, the wonderful things you learn here. Join any of their tours to fully immerse in all things green.

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  • iBake Denver

    iBAKE Denver, Washington Street, Denver, CO, United States
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    Even though Denver is 420 friendly, it doesn’t mean you can just blaze up anywhere, especially not in public places. The limits are still being worked out and are still blurry in some cases. For instance, a hotel makes the rules on whether they are marijuana friendly (Denver city laws prohibit marijuana consumption on hotel balconies if visible from any public space). But relax. It sounds more official than it actually is, and no one has really been penalized (if you leave out your bong in your hotel room, you’re fine). If you want to smoke up with other potheads without feeling paranoid, head to iBake Denver, a socially driven, pipe and tobacco shop and lounge. It feels like your friend’s pot smoke-filled house, only there’s no Playstation (but a dispensary is attached). The only thing is that you have to be a “member.” So fill out a membership form, pay the $10 fee and chill out with other bros.

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  • Loopr

    LOOPR, West Louisiana Avenue, Denver, CO, United States
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    The Loopr takes the party bus to a whole new, stoner level. It’s a bring-your-own-bud, socially themed party bus, a mobile lounge where pot smokers congregate and party on the “green line,” hitting up 420-friendly hot spots to fully engage with Denver’s cannabis culture. It’s a city tour, a party and a bong hit all wrapped in one. A three-hour pass is only $25 with unlimited boarding and unboarding, which is perfect if you get stuck next to “that guy” who wants to have an intelligent conversation about bud strains.

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