You Won’t Believe This Sick KISS Groom’s Cake

There comes a time, during all the wedding stress, where you think she just doesn’t getyou anymore.

That’s where the pros at Pink Cake Box and the art of the groom’s cake come in, because it’s your girl’s chance to show you that she still remembers you’re her dude. And they’re there to help her do just that. Take a peek below, and see how well these intuitive brides knew their grooms.

Yeah, that right there is a totem-pole-style KISS cake. Groom got the surprise of his life when his bride presented it to him.

And you know it was friggin fantastic because KISS themselves tweeted the groom about it! Check it out:

Yeah. That. Actually. Happened. It almost makes the whole wedding worth it.

The KISS cake stood over five feet tall, and even included LED lights. Damn right, Gene’s tongue was all lit up for the occasion. The towering cake was also made of the groom’s favorite: dark chocolate, with peanut butter filling.

Gene’s Axe Bass and Tommy’s Gibson Les Paul were recreated out of sugar and placed on each side of the main cake for some (literally) sweet detail.

Not cool enough for you? Alright, then try this rocker cake on for size:

The bride had us recreate the groom’s favorite guitar out of red velvet cake with vanilla filling. Yeah, this cake actually looked realistic as hell in real life — it’s no Photoshop job. The groom was even tempted to play it.

Tip: Can’t splurge for a groom’s cake? Look for opportunities to incorporate items into the wedding cake that represent some of your (the groom’s) interests. You’ll probably notice the subtle tribute to the groom’s love of KISS in this edible work of art:

Pink Cake Box is an NJ/NYC-area bakery devoted to specialty cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, dessert tables, and cookies.

Founder and Head Pastry Chef Anne Heap and her team follow their passion for baking by making sure to create that perfect, personal sweet for your special event. Featured on Food Network’s “Outragreous Wedding Cakes”, as well as David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” and Bravo’s “Bethenny Getting Married,” and various wedding and lifestyle magazines, Pink Cake Box has gained international recognition for their awesome cakes and desserts.

Stay tuned for more of their tips and awesome groom’s cake creations.

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