Valentines Day Proposal Ideas

Guys, you know what day is coming up!  Don’t pretend like you haven’t seen just about every store decorated in bright pink and red hearts. There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for some of you, it’s the day you will propose.  Here to help you with some ideas to make her scream… “YES!” are The Heart Bandits, expert Proposal Planners.

Get All Fancy With It

Set the proposal stage by getting you and your girl out on the town for a new adventure! Do something crazy like sign up for dance lessons.  A guy who can move his hips is more attractive than someone who looks like Napoleon Dynamite taught him how to dance. Arrange for the instructor to choreograph a special number with your proposal at the end.  If dancing isn’t your thing (at least you own it), try out a private pottery class.  Think Patrick Swayze in Ghost, don’t act like you haven’t seen it.  Surprise her with the ring once you both have washed your hands.

Thoughtfulness Over Swagger

You might think that having swagger is what keeps your woman around, but we all know that it doesn’t compare to thoughtfulness. Women appreciate a man who takes the time to listen and provide time for the things she enjoys doing. I know, I know, your memory isn’t great.  So pull up your bank account statement to help you remember all the stuff she likes. For your proposal, create a day that includes some of her favorite activities, foods, and places. Pop the question at the end of the evening after she is all pampered out!

Space Love

There’s no doubt about it that stars are romantic.  Whether you spend a night outside stargazing or take a trip to the planetarium (a great option if it’s freezing outside), you’ll have a great opportunity to cuddle up next to your girlfriend for a romantic proposal. If you utilize a planetarium, find out if there is a way to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” in the sky during the presentation. If you are outside, add to the romantic ambiance with blankets, pillows, and some champagne for toasting after you have popped the question.

Cooking For Two

Everyone loves a good meal, and what’s more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than a menu full of aphrodisiacs? Find a private chef to teach you and your girl how to please each other’s tastes…in the kitchen. Blindfold her to have her taste test the food and when you take the blindfold off, have the ring ready for your proposal! Word to the wise, do not put the ring in that chocolate soufflé you just made, or in any food or drink for that matter.  Choking and proposing are a really bad combination.

Bucket List

Before Valentine’s Day, ask your girlfriend to write down a bucket list of crazy, adventurous, or unique things she would like to do on Valentine’s Day. Find a way to sneak in your proposal during one of the activities or wait until you’ve completed her list to propose!

Written by Michele Velasquez

Michele Velazquez is a Proposal Planner and owner of The Heart Bandits.   Her team has helped hundreds of men propose to their girlfriends and her work has been featured in New York Magazine, New York Times, Anderson Cooper Live, and more.  She is regarded as the expert in all things marriage proposals and romance! For more information about The Heart Bandits, visit

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