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12 Genius Proposal Ideas, With Videos

Science tells us that the markings of a genius include a high amount of self-control and a high IQ. Even if you don’t fall into that category, you can still be considered a genius with the perfect proposal. You want your partner to say yes, of course, but you also want to give her a story that she can tell for the rest of your lives. It’s got to be a proposal that’ll have other guys saying, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

A smart proposal is creative and thoughtful — you need to show your girl that you’ve been paying attention in the relationship thus far. It’s not about how big or expensive the proposal is, it’s about how well you thought through every single detail. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

There are hundreds of Youtube videos out there that will show you all of the best romantic and creative proposals that have already happened. But these 12 in particular show off just how genius and out-of-the-box a proposal can be, with guys using everything from puppies with engagement rings to using literal magic to propose. The best part? They aren’t as hard as they look. 

Hayley Planned Her Own Proposal to Tyson — And Didn’t Know

Getting someone to plan their own proposal involves quite a bit of planning, but it can be done! All you need is someone (in their case, it was Tyson’s mom) to plant the idea into the bride’s head. This kind of proposal works best for the brides-to-be that love planning parties. However, even if she’s just helping plan a “surprise party,” the effect will no doubt have a similar effect. 

A Magical Proposal For Alyssa and Kevin

Outside of Disneyland, where else are you going to find a place as truly magical as Vegas? We’re only slightly kidding. You can find a lot of magicians in Vegas, and it’s easy enough to casually slide into an interaction with them. You might want to take a page out of Kevin’s book to create a surprise (and yes, very magical) moment for the future bride. Something like this is pretty easy to set up, too!

Scott Bait-And-Switches A Proposal for Kenzie

The best gifts are the ones you don’t see coming. Scott knew his future bride Kenzie would be onto him if he made any moves indicating that he would be proposing. So instead, he decided to fake her out and make her work for it. The result is pretty heartwarming!

Family Photoshoot-Turned-Beachside Proposal 

Gabe told his then-girlfriend Cherish that they were going to be taking family photos with their daughter on the beach, but he actually had other plans for the day. He lead Cherish and their daughter to a “secret location,” making sure that both of their eyes were closed the whole time so they couldn’t see the decorations and the family and friends of theirs who were gathered to see this special moment. Something like this is a perfect idea, especially because she’ll already be dressed and picture-ready.

Dog Rescuer Bryant Proposed On The Ellen Show 

When you’re special enough to get onto Ellen, you’ve got to make it count. Bryant, who was brought onto the show in November to talk about how he rescued a dog from freezing water, he also brought on his girlfriend to chat with the TV host. The pair have been together for 11 years, and even though Bryant mentioned that she hated surprises, it’s obvious that this surprise proposal really made her happy. 

Matt Used A Corgi To Propose To Grace

Who could say no to a Corgi puppy? However, in Grace and Matt’s case, the puppy was only one of two major surprises that day. On the tag, he had “Marry Me?” written and attached to a diamond ring. Matt said that he even drove three hours to pick out the perfect puppy. Now that’s what we call commitment. And it definitely pays off! 

Brandon Proposes To Nicole In Mid-Air While Skydiving

This proposal gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “falling for you.” In mid-fall, Brandon pulls out a ring box to show then-girlfriend Nicole to ask her to marry him. When they eventually land, he’s actually able to get down on one knee and pop the question. The moment doesn’t take too much planning either (there are a bunch of skydiving places around the country), you just need to be able to keep ahold of the ring while you’re 10,000 feet in the air. 

Jake Sends Kaylee Out On A Scavenger Hunt In Order To Propose

Showing off his creative and humorous side, Jake sent Kaylee off on a day-long scavenger hunt to meet up with their friends and family for more clues. Each stop was personalized and well-thought out (and even included a cameo from the fake Jersey Shore cast). Something like this reminds the future bride of all the sweet memories the couple share, and gets her in the sentimental sweet spot for when he actually gets down on one knee. 

Carl Proposed To His Girlfriend On The Set Of A Fake Music Video

Carl, the director for the band Anthem Lights’ music videos, asked his then-girlfriend to be an extra on the next video they were shooting. Little did she know, the band would actually be helping him propose to her! If you have access to a full band that can do this, then props to you! But if you don’t, then there’s no stress. Even having a friend who can play guitar and sing could get the same effect as this one!

Robert Planned Out His Grease Lightning Proposal For Two Years

Good things take time, and this proposal definitely shows this. Robert says in the video that they got into fights about when he was going to propose, but in the back of his head he had this entire Greased Lightning-themed proposal featuring the car they had their first date in the back of his mind. The amount of planning this proposal took was insane, but it ultimately centered in on one thing — the couple themselves, and where they began their journey. He just added a musical twist to it. 

This “Sixteen Candles” Themed Proposal Featured A Special Guest Star

Recreating a favorite movie scene to propose to your girlfriend to is always a smart way to go, especially because you already have the script written for you! This couple recreated the famous “yeah, you” scene from “Sixteen Candles,” and they even got a shoutout from Anthony Michael Hall himself! With apps like Cameo, you too can make a proposal like this happen.  

The Magic Of Live Theater Helps Out In This Peter Pan Themed Proposal

Continuing off the “using the favorite film” theme, Chris proposed to Moriah by dressing up as her absolute favorite character of all time: Peter Pan. He gathered their friends and family onto a boat that looks like Captain Hook’s and had family members dress her up as Wendy to get her proposal-ready. Chris, also an actor, used his theatrical skills to pull off the stunt, and it definitely paid off. 

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