Celebrity Wedding Crashers, Ranked

Celebrities have been crashing weddings for decades. But the advent of smartphones and social media have made it much easier to document and share such experiences. As a result, it’s just no big deal if a celeb crosses paths with a wedding party. To warrant potential virality, actors/musicians/athletes have actually upped their game. Case in point: Just before Thanksgiving, The Rock and Danny DeVito nearly broke the Internet when they crashed a wedding and sang “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole to the newlyweds at their reception. 

This got us thinking: What the world needs now is a ranking of the best celebrity wedding crashers. The list will evolve over time; we’re starting with 10 seminal wedding crashers. At the #1 spot is a video

1. Kevin Hart and Josh Gad 

During a photo shoot for their 2015 movie The Wedding Ringer, Kevin Hart and Josh Gad walked next door and crashed a reception in the middle of speeches. The comedy duo, already dressed in formal tuxes (the movie is about a groom who hires a best man), grabbed a set of microphones and put on a little show for the newlyweds. The two gave a short speech about love and broke out into a hilarious song-and-dance to the crowd’s delight. We’re not jealous or anything.

2. Barack Obama

The Youngrens

There are celebrity wedding crashers and then there are presidential wedding crashers. One young couple decided to get married at a golf resort and just happened to be there when Barack Obama was playing golf. The former president, described by the couple as “casual and gracious” was good enough to stick around, giving out hugs, “great” handshakes, and even a little matrimonial advice. What was some of his sage advice? “Don’t step on the bride’s dress.”

3. Danny DeVito and the Rock

While promoting the new Jumanji movie in Cabo San Lucas, The Rock and Danny DeVito crashed a wedding and the whole thing was caught on film. The video shows the two singing “Unforgettable” amid a group of smiling faces and cheers. The Rock posted an image on his Instagram account, giving a special shout-out to the newlyweds, ending the post with #rockdevitoweddingcrash. Not a hashtag you see every day.

4. Conan O’Brien

Holly J Haroz

A bridesmaid from this couple’s wedding party decided to tweet Conan O’Brien when she discovered he was staying in the same hotel as their reception. To everyone’s astonishment, the comedian and late night talk show host actually showed up. He stayed for a couple drinks, talked with the bride and groom about family, and took pictures with guests. Maybe randomly messaging celebrities on Twitter isn’t such a bad idea.

5. Snoop Dogg

This couple was getting married at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago when Snoop Dogg and his entourage entered the lobby. The groom’s mother convinced her son to ask the rapper for a quick photo. Not only did the wedding photographer snap a couple shots, but Snoop himself asked for a photo on his phone so he could post it to his Instagram account. Proving you really can’t keep a good Dogg down.

6. The Queen

Manchester Evening News

Only one person can potentially outrank the President of the US: the Queen of England. Yup, she crashed a wedding too. When this couple realized that she and her entourage would be at their wedding venue on the same day, they sent an invitation to Buckingham Palace as a joke. Not thinking anything would actually come of it, the couple was stunned when staff told them to wait in the hallway after their ceremony. The Queen, Prince Phillip, and a number of other royal dignitaries came over to shake their hands and offer their congratulations. Sadly, her royal highness declined invitations to join the gang later on the dance floor.

7. Bill Murray

Get an engagement photo with Bill Murray… Check!Photography: Fia Forever Photographywww.fiaforever.comWedding Photographers in Charleston, SC

Posted by Fia Forever Photography on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bill Murray has consistently cultivated a down-to-earth persona, plain and simple. He is also known to drop in unannounced, photobombing random people and even crashing bachelor parties. In downtown Charleston, a couple was sitting for engagement photos only to have Murray in the background trying to make them laugh. Eventually he stepped in front of the camera and they were able to get a quick shot together.

8. Tom Hanks

A couple in New York was taking wedding photos in Central Park when Tom Hanks appeared out of nowhere. Apparently, he was just minding his business, jogging through the park when he stopped to offer his congratulations. He then proceeded to take a selfie with the lucky couple. Interesting sidenote: Hanks is not only an accomplished actor, he’s also an ordained minister and offered to preside over the ceremony.

9. Bradley Cooper

If you can remember all the way back to 2005, a little movie called Wedding Crashers hit theaters. In the movie, Cooper was in the business of stopping a couple of wedding crashers. Well, a little over a decade later, Cooper was visiting Georgetown University and ended up crashing a couple’s wedding photos the night before their ceremony. And as the wise Batman once said, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming the villain.

10. Lebron James

ANDI Soirees

The famed basketball player, known for his prowess on the court, is also quite the wedding crasher. Just before this couple prepared for their ceremony at the Ritz in Miami, James was giving an interview next door. The two, and the rest of the wedding party, got the chance to meet and snap a couple photos with the athlete.

Legal reminder: If you crash a stranger’s wedding and get caught, you may have to suffer the consequences. If, however, you are a celebrity then you can pretty much crash anyone’s wedding, without repercussions. The pictures prove it. Double standard? You bet.

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