The Best Honeymoon Ideas in the Caribbean The Best Honeymoon Ideas in the Caribbean

The Best Honeymoon Ideas in the Caribbean

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Why Go: There are many islands to choose from — we focus on Barbados, Anguilla, St. Lucia, and Grenada — each just a short hop from the U.S. with enough flavor, intensity, and style to inspire future trips.

Best Ideas: Relax along beautiful beaches or scuba diving to epic underwater sculpture gardens and shipwrecks; at night, sample local dishes and party with the locals.

Good to Know: Most islands in the Caribbean have to deal with hurricane season between the months of June and November, so keep an eye on the weather or plan to visit outside this time for a more relaxing getaway.

Caribbean islands are not one size fits all. Sure, you’ve got pristine white sand beaches, hanging palm trees, and brightly colored cocktails with those cute but annoying umbrellas that always get in the way of sipping. But there’s so much more to this region of the world than bodies being shuttled off of cruises, Bob Marley songs, and piña coladas. There are islands with their own distinct languages, art, culture, celebrations, and rum. Lots of rum. When planning a Caribbean honeymoon, you’ve got to ask the hard questions like, what can I learn here? Do I want more beach or adventure? Am I honestly going to leave the resort? What is particular about this island that works for me? And how much rum is too much rum?

Once you’ve both done some digging, you might still not have narrowed a location down — that’s where this guide comes in. Consider this a crash course on Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, and Anguilla, four distinct islands with plenty of opportunities for you to explore, or just sit still and let that umbrella drink get in the way. The choice is yours. 

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Honeymooning in the Caribbean: Pros & Cons


  • It’s more affordable than you think, with many hotels and resorts including breakfast or other special perks.
  • It’s easy to reach from the U.S., especially if you’re near Miami or NYC.
  • There’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in music, culture, scuba diving, rum tastings, indulging in chocolate spa treatments, hiking up picturesque mountains, or just lounging on a pretty beach.


  • Hurricane season is real, so pay extra attention if you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean between the months of June and November.
  • Remember to pay attention to your surroundings and keep an eye on your belongings whenever you’re visiting markets, tourist attractions, or spending time in large groups (just like you should anywhere else).

Traveling & Getting Around in Barbados

Barbados is blessed with many things: stunning beaches, a truly flavorful culinary scene, a location that sits outside the hurricane belt, perfect weather nearly year round, and the right to call itself the birthplace of rum. Surrounded by exquisite landscapes, ocean views and incredible infrastructure, Barbados serves as the perfect backdrop for a honeymoon.

Visitors to this eastern Caribbean island are truly an international crowd; there are weekly nonstop flights from Germany and the U.K. and both Miami and New York have up to four daily nonstop flights to Barbados. Another fun fact: The Concorde once had daily flights to just four places in the world: New York, London, Paris and — you guessed it — Barbados. Yep. That’s how sought-after this island is. 

Like most Caribbean islands, the best time of year to visit Barbados is between December and April, when rain is scarce. During this time, you’ll enjoy nearly nine hours of sunshine and 80- plus-degree weather. The U.S. dollar is typically accepted island wide and there is a fixed exchange rate: two Barbadian dollars equals one U.S. dollar. 

To get your lay of the land, there’s Bridgeport, the capital and commercial center with nearly 100,000 residents, Parliament buildings, and food and clothing markets. On the south coast, you’ll find Saint Lawrence Gap (called just “The Gap”) where restaurants, fish frys, and endless bars are open all night long. This is your surest one stop shop for entertainment and food, with plenty of tourists and locals in the mix. Traveling up the west coast, you’ll hit a number of towns (called parishes) like Holetown and Payne’s Bay, that are ideal for your honeymoon homebase. While accommodations are typically a bit more pricey than the lively south coast, the golden sand beaches and world class restaurants are worth the extra spend. 

Best Attractions & Activities in Barbados

  • Road Trip Along the Northern Coast

    Northpoint, Conneltown BB27003, Barbados
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    Since the island is not very big, a drive around the whole coastline could be completed in less than 10 hours including stops. For an adventurous honeymoon experience, grab the wheel and enjoy a scenic drive to the northernmost tip of Barbados to see Animal Flower Cave and cliffs reminiscent of what one might see on the Atlantic edges of Ireland. (Photo of Animal Flower Cave by jocelynclendening)

  • Surfing and Cool Rock Formations on the East Coast

    Bathsheba, Barbados
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    Honeymooners can reconnect with nature on the east coast in Bathsheba, the center of Barbados’ surfing community, which also features incredible natural rock formations. (Photo of Bathsheba by David Stanley)

  • Check Out Harrison's Cave

    Allen View, Barbados
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    Take some time to ooh and ahh at one of the island’s greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave, a crystallized, limestone cave characterized by flowing streams, deep pools of crystal-clear water, and towering columns. (Photo by djlevichin)

  • Mount Gay Rum Distilleries

    Bridgetown, Barbados
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    As the birthplace of rum, Barbados offers several rum experiences from distillery tours to mingling with the locals at one of the 1,500 rum shops on the island. Try a cocktail-making class at Mount Gay Rum where you won’t be judged for your heavy pour. (Photo courtesy of Mount Gay Rum)

  • Explore the Many Shipwrecks of Barbados

    Carlisle Bay, Barbados
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    Barbados has been called the “Shipwreck Capital of the Caribbean” as it’s one of the few places where visitors can experience six wrecks in one dive. For this reason, it is one of the best places in the Caribbean to see artificial reefs and is home to more than 10 sites — some of which date back to World War I and II — and 30 different diving locations, including Folkstone Underwater Park & Marine Museum and Carlisle Bay Shipwreck Diving and Protected Marine Park. (Photo by ole4kabee)

  • Attend Cropover, the Carnival Festival of Barbados

    #1 Maxwell Court Spooners Hill St.Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados
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    From May to August, Barbados turns up (way up) for their annual Carnival, called Cropover. The most-popular festival of Barbados, this months-long celebration honors the 200-year-old tradition of the end of the sugar cane season the best way possible: with lots of rum and lots of dancing bodies. The island’s most colorful and spirited celebrations occur the last week of August. Grand Kadooment Day, the final day of the festival, sees masquerade bands making their way to Spring Garden Highway, with revelers dressed in decorated costumes “wukkin up” behind music trucks and moving bars. (Photo of Cropover by belleholder246)

  • Best Hotels & Resorts in Barbados

  • Sandals Royal Barbados

    Maxwell Gardens, Oistins, Barbados
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    If a beach chair and umbrella drink is your jam, then Sandals Royal Barbados on the south coast is your spot. The adults-only all-inclusive has six restaurants to choose from, nightly entertainment and a bowling alley for when that competitive spirit kicks in. All couples who travel within 30 days after their wedding date and register for the honeymoon package online with a copy of their marriage certificate or wedding invitation can enjoy the Free Honeymoon Package. This includes a bottle of chilled sparkling wine so couples can toast to their future, romantic turndown service the first evening of their honeymoon, and a decadent breakfast-in-bed one morning of their choice. Newlyweds in need of a bit more R&R after all the wedding planning can relax in a Love Nest Butler Suite, complete with 24-hour room service and a personal butler, before opting for a treatment at the Red Lane Spa. The best nightly room rates start at $495 per person per night in the fall and $688 per person per night in the winter. (Photo courtesy of Sandals Royal Barbados)

  • The House

    Paynes Bay, St. James BB24023, Barbados
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    If you’re looking for an intimate boutique hotel where it feels like you’re coming home every day, get comfy at The House by Elegant Hotels. This all-inclusive property on the West Coast has just 34 rooms and upon check-in, each guest receives a free jet lag revival massage in a beach cabana or in the comfort of their room before enjoying complimentary canapes and afternoon tea. A Romance Concierge is also available to set up curated experiences like intimate candle-lit gourmet dinners in the sand, a private sunset Champagne cruise with a personal chef, a secluded beach picnic, and specialty flower arrangements. Rates for this all-inclusive resort start at $703 per night. (Photo courtesy of The House by Elegant Hotels)

  • The Crane Resort

    The Crane Resort, St. Philip, Barbados
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    Looking for peace and to impress your significant other? Check into The Crane Resort. This seaside cliff resort is the creme de la creme of the island, with a remote location, top notch service, and a beach that will bring the biggest pessimist to his knees. Their honeymoon package is $240 and includes fresh flowers, a room upgrade based on availability, Champagne, in-room breakfast, and a couples massage. Even if you don’t stay overnight, dinner at The Crane restaurant is worth the trip alone, as well as the beach, which has been named one of the best in the world countless times. Rates begin at $187 per night. (Photo courtesy of The Crane Resort)

  • Best Restaurants & Bars in Barbados

  • La Verandah

    Highway 7, Oistins, Barbados
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    Tucked away on a quiet street in St. James, La Verandah is Barbados’ quiet star on the culinary scene. Chef LaShawn Cox had no prior culinary training, but you’d never guess it from the incredible dishes coming out of his kitchen. Standouts on the menu include, garlic and ginger spare ribs, herb grilled chicken, mint-infused grilled fish, and crispy herb buttered salmon. La Verandah’s signature dish, “The Smoking Pig,”’ is served with flavored smoke — hickory, oat, cherry or applewood. They also have one of the island’s best pudding and souse available on Saturdays, which is the traditional pudding and souse day in Barbados. This is the best local restaurant in Barbados, and if you love food, dining here is a must. (Photo by La Verandah)

  • Oistins

    Oistins, Barbados
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    For a more casual night out on the town along with some outdoor entertainment, head to Oistins Fish Fry. This world-famous area on the south coast has a weekly fish fry where vendors sell incredible catches of the day, including Mahi, tuna, and the local flying fish. The portions are huge and typically cost less than $20 a plate. (Photo courtesy of Oistins Fish Fry)

  • Cafe Luna

    Enterprise Beach Rd, Oistins, Barbados
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    Situated on the rooftop of Little Arches hotel, Café Luna has a panoramic view of the Caribbean sea and a menu that is equally impressive. The restaurant also features a sushi night and “Back to Bajan” options with locally sourced meats and vegetables. (Photo by Café Luna)

  • Traveling & Getting Around in Anguilla

    No pictures please. Anguilla is so low key and posh that no paparazzi, jet skis, duty free shops, or cruise ships are allowed on the island. And that’s a very good thing because once you see the outrageously turquoise waters on this 15-mile-long island, you won’t want any distractions. 

    To get to Anguilla, fly into St. Maarten, then take a 20-minute sea shuttle or ferry, unless you’re of the jet setting sort who would prefer to fly your private plane (you won’t be the only one). The best time to visit for good weather and to avoid hurricane season is between May and August. This is an ideal honeymoon spot for beach and luxury lovers, forget nonstop partying or endless tours. It has some of the most starred restaurants in all of the Caribbean, so come with an appetite. Anguilla sustained a direct hit from Hurricane Irma in 2017, so your dollars will help a much loved island continue to get back on its beautiful, well-polished feet. 

  • Best Attractions & Activities in Anguilla

  • Sandy Island

    Sandy Island, Anguilla
    View Map

    Grab your SPF because once you see Anguilla’s beautiful ocean waters, you’re going to want to make quite a few beach days happen. For starters, take a day trip to Sandy Island via the sea shuttle Happiness (yes, that’s the name) from the pier at Sandy Ground Beach. It’ll cost you $10 per person round trip and take 10 minutes to get there. Upon arrival, you’ll enjoy an incredible white sand beach, lively beach bar, and plenty of Instagrammable moments in the water. (Photo of Sandy Ground Beach by norbertvnk)

  • Rendezvous Bay

    Rendezvous Bay, 2640, Anguilla
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    There are 33 beaches on Anguilla, so you won’t be hard-pressed to find a place to relax. There’s the long sandy stretch of beach on Rendezvous Bay, with views of Saint Maarten and a secluded cove, Little Bay, that can only be reached by boat. (Photo by sublime.imagery)

  • Bankie Banx's Dune Preserve

    rendezvous bay, anguilla bwi, 2640, Anguilla
    View Map

    Find live, local music at Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve, an institution. The reggae singer Bankie Banx, also known as the Anguillan Bob Dylan, opened this sea-side bar where he performs regularly. The Dune is made from a collection of driftwood, wood planks, shells, and other fixins’ from the ocean. It’s also open for lunch, but why would you want to miss the Caribbean Bob Dylan perform at night? (Photo by ac_photo_and_video)

  • Best Hotels & Resorts in Anguilla

  • Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

    Barnes Bay, West End 2640, Anguilla
    View Map

    At the Four Seasons, you know you’re going to experience the best of the best on a honeymoon, but a few things make this particular property on Anguilla’s northern coast really stand out. For starters, it’s stretched over two secluded, stunning beachfronts, Meads and Barnes Bay. In terms of levels of blue, the ocean here almost looks photoshopped. Property perks include cold towels, frozen cocktails, nightly entertainment, and sunscreen delivered poolside. The 181 villas, suites, and guest rooms have a clean design and touches of local art, plus all the plush amenities that the brand is known for. For couples looking for the ultimate in privacy and luxury, the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla offers a Private Retreats Weekly stay in their stunning Private Residences Ocean-View Villas, which, if you’re feeling bold, are also available for purchase. Dine at their over-the-water signature restaurant, Salt, or enjoy a cocktail at Sunset Lounge — though you probably won’t want to leave your villa. Resort room rates start at $1,325 per night, while Residence rates start at $2,345 per night. (Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla)

  • CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

    Rendezvous Bay Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, 2640, Anguilla
    View Map

    If wellness is your thing, CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa is your place. At the spa, guests can customize their own health journey with locally derived ingredients like the Marine Four Layer Facial featuring marine extracts, and a Tropical Anguillian body scrub. How’s that for some self-care? For honeymooners, the resort will put together a fabulous welcome kit, including Champagne and house-made sweet treats. You can also enjoy private dinners on the beach, sailing cruises, snorkeling, and tee times at the resort’s championship golf course — the only golf course on Anguilla. Rates start at $650 a night for a Seaview Junior Suite, including a full daily breakfast buffet. (Photo courtesy of CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa)

  • Best Restaurants & Bars in Anguilla

  • Jacala

    2640, Anguilla
    View Map

    You’ve got to practice patience when trying to make a reservation for Jacala, but it’s worth it. Take Martha Stewart’s word for it: she called the restaurant her favorite in all of the Caribbean. Chef Alain Laurent personally takes everyone’s order from the French-inspired menu and you can enjoy dishes like the wakame-marinated tuna carpaccio or crayfish risotto while gazing at the powdery sand on Meads Bay. (Photo courtesy of Jacala)

  • Gwen's Reggae Bar & Grill

    2640, Anguilla
    View Map

    Gwen’s Reggae Bar & Grill serves up a potent rum punch that may have you canceling the rest of your day. And that’s fine, because the vibe here is good and so is the food, especially the grilled snapper and ribs. It’s an institution on one of the island’s most coveted East Coast beaches, Shoal Bay, and even has hammocks to relax or pass out in after all that rum punch. (Photo courtesy of Gwen’s Reggae Bar & Grill)

  • E's Oven

    2640, Anguilla
    View Map

    You can’t leave Anguilla without trying the island’s famous crayfish, which is a spiny little lobster. Head to E’s Oven, a local spot without the showy beach views, but full of great vibes and flavorful foods that truly highlight Anguillan cuisine. (Photo courtesy of E’s Oven)

  • Traveling & Getting Around in St. Lucia

    St. Lucia is like a lush jungle escape straight out of Jurassic Park … without the imminent threat of a T-Rex ruining your honeymoon. The first time you see the island’s famous Piton Mountains — two volcanic spires just chilling in the ocean — you’ll understand why this island is so damn Instagrammable. It’s closest neighboring island is Barbados, and temperatures are warm year-round on this southeastern island, with September and October bringing in the most rain. 

    From the U.S., nonstop flights to Saint Lucia are available on American Airlines from Miami, Charlotte, and Philadelphia; on JetBlue from New York and Boston; on Delta from Atlanta; and on United Airlines from Newark and Chicago.

  • Best Attractions & Activities in St. Lucia

  • Go for a Hike in the Piton Mountains

    St Lucia
    View Map

    If you’re up for the challenge, you can hike St. Lucia’s famous Piton Mountains. There are two: Gros Piton and Petit Piton. Though the latter is smaller, the larger Gros Piton is actually a bit easier to hike. Fair warning: this is not an easy climb, but the views at the top, and personal satisfaction of overcoming steep inclines, are well worth it. The hike takes about two hours and you can hire a local guide to join you for about $45 at the base of the mountain. It’s best to start early as the Caribbean sun is no joke. (Photo by jlauture)

  • Soak in St. Lucia's Sulphur Springs

    Soufriere, St Lucia
    View Map

    St. Lucia’s sulphur springs are like your favorite mud bath on steroids. Affectionately known as the Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano, they’re located on the South Coast of the island in Soufriere. Once you arrive at the springs, you can choose between a bath, tour, or just do both. The bath contains volcanic water that is black and up to 100 degrees, but it’s rich with healing minerals and cakes on your skin. So, no this is not a sexy date, but your pores will thank you. It’s a good idea to make reservations ahead of time online. (Photo courtesy of Sulphur Springs St. Lucia)

  • Party Alongside the Locals at Gros Islet

    Gros Islet, St Lucia
    View Map

    Who doesn’t love a good fish fry and dance party? This Friday night institution in the northern fishing village, Gros Islet, brings locals and tourists together to eat, drink, and dance in the street until the early hours of the morning. Many hotels also offer transfers to the party. Just keep an eye on your pockets and practice common sense. (Photo by ninolivinlife)

  • Indulge Your Chocolate Fantasies at Jade Mountain

    St Lucia
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    St. Lucia has some of the best volcanic soil in the world, which also means the island produces some of the best chocolate in the world. There are a number of chocolate tours and tastings, as well as chocolate-themed spa treatments at many hotels. At Jade Mountain, guests can take part in a chocolate and wine experience or chocolate sensory tasting that ends in truffles, which are always a good idea. Don’t miss the local cocoa tea, which is available throughout the island. (Photo courtesy of Jade Mountain)

  • Best Hotels & Resorts in St. Lucia

    When it comes to where to stay in St. Lucia, the choices are simple: head north or south. The capital, Castries, is on the north side of the island and home to outdoor markets, offices, and schools. The north is the more commercial, traffic-ridden side, though still relatively laidback — it is the Caribbean, after all. There are also a number of nice beaches and restaurants to choose from, particularly in Rodney Bay. Wind your way through lush mountainsides and you’ll hit the south, where travelers typically go for a slower paced island vibe with small coves, jungles, and stunning beaches.

  • Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

    Val Des Pitons Forbidden Beach La Baie de Silence, St Lucia
    View Map

    Once you decide between the north and south side of the island, you’re going to want to stick to it, because driving from the north to the south can take up to an hour and a half. It doesn’t get much better than Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort located on the island’s southern coast. First of all, you’ll have unobstructed views of the dramatic Piton mountains and rainforest from its beach and many of its rooms. The service is second to none, and so is the food, particularly at the Friday night beach BBQ buffet. Sugar Beach is extremely low key and couples oriented; Matt Damon renewed his wedding vows here. The beachfront bungalows (from $1,100), open straight onto the sand and provide incredible butler service. Their “Just Married” wedding package ($699) includes Champagne on arrival, a couples cabana massage, and a sunset cruise. Honeymooners often opt for accommodations within Sugar Beach’s Luxury Villas and Luxury Beachfront Bungalows collections, which start at $685 and $1,400, respectively. (Photo courtesy of Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort)

  • Jade Mountain

    St Lucia
    View Map

    Come for the views, but stay for the chocolate: Jade Mountain will fulfill your sweet tooth with its chocolate inspired menu at its restaurant and a tour of its chocolate farm, Emerald Estate. Other activities for honeymooners include yoga on the celestial terrace, hiking with a private hiking butler, and a six-course ensuite private dinner. The Total Romance Package, which includes a number of great perks like an all-inclusive meal plan, a one-hour Swedish massage per person, a half-day of Jungle Biking i Anse Mamin Valley, and a half-day sailing on the skippered resort yacht, starts at $6,500 (for two people) for three nights. (Photo courtesy of Jade Mountain)

  • Calabash Cove Resort & Spa

    Bonaire Estate, Marisule Gros Islet, St Lucia
    View Map

    For honeymoon packages that range from private chef affairs to a sunset couples massage, Calabash Cove Resort & Spa does not disappoint. Their honeymoon escapade includes five nights in a junior ocean view suite, daily breakfast, a couples Swedish massage, a gazebo dinner, flowers, Champagne, and chocolate, from $2,699 for two. (Photo courtesy of Calabash Cove Resort & Spa)

  • Best Restaurants & Bars in St. Lucia

  • Orlando's

    Bridge St, St Lucia
    View Map

    Located in a garden courtyard on the South Coast, Orlando’s is a charming restaurant where fresh produce and local recipes shine — which makes sense, considering it’s one of the island’s first farm-to-table restaurants. At dinner, guests can choose between two set menus, which usually include dishes like jerk chicken, pumpkin soup, local johnny cakes (a type of sweet fried bread), and coconut crème brûlée. (Photo courtesy of Orlando’s)

  • Jade Mountain Club

    St Lucia
    View Map

    As if the views of the Pitons at Jade Mountain Club weren’t enough, there’s the food. If you love lobster, you’re in luck, as the portions of the shellfish are plentiful and served in a variety of ways. James Beard winner and chef Allen Susser makes sure to highlight local, fresh produce, and it shows. Pro tip: book a reservation during sunset. You won’t be sorry. (Photo courtesy of Jade Mountain Club)

  • Traveling & Getting Around in Grenada

    If you haven’t heard of this southeastern island, or have mistaken it for Spain’s Granada, don’t worry; you’ve got plenty of time to catch up now and prevent future embarrassment. The island of Grenada sits in the middle of the eastern Caribbean Sea and it is one of the smallest independent countries in the Western Hemisphere. It’s also stunningly beautiful, not overrun by tourists, and still has a nightlife scene that gives more populated islands some competition. 

    Grenada has only been hit by three hurricanes in the last 50 years and enjoys a temperate climate all year long. English is the official language spoken and the currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD). Grand Anse is an ideal homebase, as it has some of the best beaches and is not far from St. George, the island’s bar-filled capital. 

    Called “Spice Isle” because of its production of nutmeg and other spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, it cannot be overstated how seriously this island takes flavor. Local favorites worth trying include cinnamon tea and nutmeg ice cream. 

    There are nonstop flights from New York and Miami on JetBlue and American Airlines, with both getting you to the Spice Isle under five hours. 

  • Best Attractions & Activities in Grenada

  • Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

    View Map

    Dive deep into Grenada’s most popular snorkeling and scuba diving site, Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park. This collection of underwater figures serves as a natural reef for marine life and is located off the west coast of the island. One of the most stunning collections features sculptures of 26 children holding hands. (Photo courtesy of Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park)

  • Annandale Falls

    View Map

    For a mellow afternoon surrounded by lush vegetation, Annandale Falls is the place to be. The peaceful waterfall has a 30-foot drop and a natural pool to swim in or tan nearby. It’s located on the southwest side of the island, just 15 minutes away from the capital of St. George. Speaking of St. George, it’s got a few bars and nightclubs for those late evenings when you’re not ready to go back to the hotel just yet. Although nutmeg may remind you of the holidays and cold weather, the spice is Grenada’s pride and is used in various cooking methods. It’s worth it to make a stop at any place serving nutmeg ice cream. (Photo by thebearoness)

  • Go to Grand Anse Beach

    Grand Anse Beach, Grenada, Grenada, Grand Anse Main Rd, The Lime, Grenada
    View Map

    Although it may seem obvious to go to the beach in the Caribbean, you really shouldn’t miss the ones in Grenada. On the west coast, Grand Anse has the quintessential white sand beach with stunning sunsets and calm water to swim in. Grab a drink at Umbrella’s Beach Bar, a favorite among locals and tourists. (Photo by travellingoldbag)

  • Visit La Sagesse Beach

    View Map

    For unreal black sand and quiet coves, head to La Sagesse Beach on the southeast coast. (Photo by toni.porat)

  • Best Hotels & Resorts in Grenada

  • Spice Island Beach Resort

    Grand Anse Beach, The Lime, Grenada
    View Map

    Spice Island Beach Resort is a romantic, family-owned hideaway located on one of the best beaches in Grenada, Grand Anse. Understated luxury is what this all-inclusive favorite is all about and their “Spice Up Your Honeymoon” package includes a suite adorned with tropical flowers; a bottle of Champagne; fresh fruit and chocolate truffles; a couple’s massage at Janissa’s Spa; gourmet dinner on your private balcony or dinner on the edge of the Caribbean at the resort’s restaurant, Oliver’s; and a sunset cruise along Grenada’s west coast. This $500 package is added to the cost of the resort’s nightly rates, which start at $1,145 per night for the Oleander Suite and range to $2,155 per night in a Royal Cinnamon or Saffron suite for travel now through December 15. Rates increase during the high season and you can expect to pay $1,387 per night for the Oleander Suite or $3,091 for a Royal Cinnamon or Saffron Suite for travel January 16–April 15, 2020; the Christmas to New Year’s month features even higher rates. (Photo by Spice Island Beach Resort)

  • Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel

    L'Anse Aux Epines Beach, St George's, Grenada
    View Map

    Located on Grenada’s southern coast with views of yacht dotted Prickly Bay, Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel is a low key hotel with guests who appreciate luxury and a slower pace. Suites start at $525 per night during the low season, and breakfast, afternoon tea, non-motor watersports, and airport transfers are included. A few local bars are also within walking distance. (Photo by Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel)

  • Best Restaurants & Bars in Grenada

  • BB's Crabback

    Grand Etang Road, St George's, Grenada
    View Map

    BB’s Crabback is located in St. George’s picturesque bay and has one of the strongest and most delicious rum punches in the islands. You’re going to want to accompany that rum with their signature dish, crabback, which is prepared with local land crab meat, seasonings, and herbs with a lemon garlic butter sauce. (Photo courtesy of BB’s Crabback)

  • Try the Famous Local Dish: the Oil Down

    View Map

    You can’t go to Grenada without trying the local dish: oil down. This hearty, one-pot stew is full of breadfruit, salted meat, chicken, dumplings, callaloo, and other vegetables, all stewed in coconut milk and spices. Many food stands in the capital of St. George’s sell it, or you can try local restaurants like the Creole Shack and Rosey’s. If you go a little too hard with drinking any night, oil down is the perfect hangover remedy. (Photo by freds_touch)

  • Bottom Line

    There’s something for everyone in the Caribbean. From delicious food and luxurious resorts and spas to unbelievable underwater sculptures and shipwrecks you can scuba dive to, you’re bound to have an unforgettable honeymoon adventure on whichever island — or islands — you choose to visit.