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5 Things You Shouldn’t Say When She’s Being A Bridezilla

Every man fears that his awesome bride-to-be will transform into a monstrous Bridezilla when wedding planning gets into full swing, and we hate to tell you this, but it happens (at least to some degree) to almost everyone.  When party-planning stress pushes her towards the dark side, there are a few things you should avoid saying at all costs.  Keep these in mind, stay calm, and know that it will all be worth it on the big day.

Try not to say…
“We’ve been here for hours.  Can we just go home?”

If you come along to the florist, you have committed to staying there until all flower related decisions have been made.  Even if it’s taking longer than you thought it possibly could, complaining about it won’t make it over faster.  You’ll probably just make her grumpy and make the experience even more unpleasant than it already is.  And hey, when you want to taste all the cake a second time, just to be sure, she should oblige you as well.

Do not say…
“It’s only [insert minor wedding detail here]!  Just pick one already.”

The color napkins you choose aren’t going to make or break your wedding.  Neither are seat covers, invitation envelopes, or tablecloths.  Deep down she knows that too, but when she’s trying to make everything absolutely perfect, absolutely everything is a big decision.  Instead of trivializing the details (even if they really are trivial) try to help her pick.  Most importantly, support her decision and try to be at least a little bit enthusiastic.

Really, don’t say…
“I don’t care.”

If she’s asking for your advice, it’s because she’s having trouble making a choice.  Saying “I don’t care” just sends her back to square one.  Let her know you’re in it together.  If you hate option B of A, B, and C, tell her that!  Fewer options will make the choice a whole lot easier.

Never, ever say…
“Are you sure you want to eat that?  You want to fit in that dress.”

Come on guys, this one is pretty self-explanatory.  This is a one-way ticket to getting on any woman’s bad side.  Let her make her own decisions about what she eats.  She wants to fit into the dress even more than you want her to fit in the dress.  She’s probably hyperconscious of it; so if she wants a Snickers bar, get her the damn Snickers bar.  She’ll still fit in the dress.

Seriously, just don’t say…
“Are you going to be like this for the rest of our lives?”

We can answer this one for you, minus the fighting that’s bound to follow.  No.  The Bridezilla phenomenon is (thank God) a temporary state of being.  Wedding planning is an experience neither you nor your fiancée regularly experiences.  Stress is, unfortunately, an unavoidable add-on that comes along with the excitement.  When she’s walking down the aisle, you definitely won’t be thinking about the ridiculous process of selecting that bouquet.

Written by Ariel Guterman

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