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14 Best Wedding Vows We Ever Heard

When you think about the person you’re about to marry, you feel ridiculously happy to have him or her in your life. You’re excited for the adventures you’ve already shared, and the ones to come. You can’t wait for the big day, and especially the killer party afterwards. But even though you’re certain in your decision to wed, putting how you feel about this special human is a nearly-impossible task.

No matter how confident someone may be in their relationship, not everyone has the right language to express their sentiments. In addition to utilizing strategies to fight writer’s block and following a template, another effective measure is getting inspired by viral vow videos.

Though you probably don’t want to plagiarize from these couples who put their blood, sweat and tears into these special words, you can at least get your juices flowing with their stories. Here, some we highly recommend checking out.

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“Lifelong Sweethearts” Wedding Vows 

Lauren Labuff and Joshua Miranda
San Diego, California

“I’ve never heard God’s voice so clearly in my life as I did that day when I heard him say, ‘That’s the one. You’re going to do big things with her.’ I’ve given you my teenage years, my highschool and college years. I give you my purity and the rest of my life. Lauren, I promise to protect you always, to defend you physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

“Love Is a Choice” Wedding Vows

Jordan Ramirez and Dani Austin
Dallas, Texas

“I choose you today. I’ll choose you again tomorrow and I’ll go on choosing you day after day for the rest of our lives. As we stand here in front of our friends and family, here are my promises to you: I promise to always be faithful and choose you daily.”

“The Moment You Knew” Wedding Vows

Danielle and Marcus
Palos Verdes, California

“In that moment, your love for me shattered any remaining doubts, reservations, or insecurities. I knew you were the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.Since that day, you’ve been nothing short of angelic. You’ve been my foundation, my sounding board, my internal source of motivation.”

“Feeling Accepted” Wedding Vows

Nicky Casarez and Ashley Casarez
Los Angeles, California

“Your love is the rarest love that I know. I’ve never felt more safe than in your arms. I promise to protect you and always be your best friend. You’ve accepted me more than anyone ever has.” 

“Future Planning” Wedding Vows

Berkley Cade and Tori Cade
Helotes, Texas

“I love looking at you, not only because you’re absolutely breathtaking but because when I look at you, I see my happiness, I see my future, and I see my whole world staring back at me. In you, I have found a person more perfect than I could have ever planned for.”

“Just Two Words” Wedding Vows

Marina Theodora and John Strattton
Newhall, California

“Two words and I want you to remember these for the rest of your life: It’s you. Even if we got to fight it out together, I’m still going to come back to you. There’s no one else for me. It’s you that I love.”

“Life Partner” Wedding Vows

Daniel and John
Raleigh, North Carolina

“I vow to bring my strongest self to this relationship to act with integrity, honesty, and authenticity. I promise to join your laughter with my own and when you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark. I promise that I’m always in this with you no matter what life throws at us, you will never walk alone.”

 “Finally Committing” Wedding Vows

Justin and Jo
Menlo Park, California

“It’s no secret that it initially took some time before I fully engaged in the relationship. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m always thinking three steps ahead, which means I’m not always as present as I’d like to be. It was six months into our friendship when it dawned on me that you were the person that I kept coming back to, the person who shared my future hopes and dreams, and the person who earned the love and devotion of my family and friends.”

“You Make Me Laugh” Wedding Vows

Blake and Danielle
Palm Springs, California

“I promise to continue holding in my farts around you. I promise to wipe your happy tears when Sunshine runs down the sidelines blocking the way for the game-winning touchdown in Remember the Titans. I promise to always do the dishes because I know you hate them and I’m a dish magician.”

“Love Has Changed Me” Wedding Vows

Joshua and Bailey
Coosada, Alabama

“I used to come from doubt, but now I come from hope. I used to come from fear, but from love.”

“I’m Marrying My Best Friend” Wedding Vows

Nicole and Shawn
Walpole, Massachusetts

“When we find obstacles in our way, I promise to stand up for you, to stick by you, to fight for you, and comfort you. I promise to be there for you always, and these vows I swear, not just because I love you as my partner but also because I like you as my best friend. I can’t wait to build a legacy with you.”

“Love Is Easy” Wedding Vows

Dylann and Mason
St. Louis, Missouri 

“People say that love is hard, but our love is the easiest, most special thing I’ve ever experienced. After eight years of nonstop love and laughter with you, I’m so ready to be your wife because you are my soulmate. I promise to always be your biggest supporter even if it means supporting you through another gangster phase with flatbill hats and gold chains.”

“Finding Your Ally” Wedding Vows

Ali and Garrett
Milkwaukee, Wisconsin

“One of the things that I love about you is your passion to live a fulfilled life, not just fine or okay. So, one of the things I’d like to add to my vows is that I promise to always be your biggest ally in achieving this.”

“Keep It Simple” Wedding Vows

Elizabeth and Jake
Camarillo, California

“I promise to love you always, never sometimes, for all the days of my life.”

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