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The Perfect Engagement Ring For Every Bride-To-Be

You’re about to buy your bride-to-be the one thing she plans on wearing everyday for the rest of her life: her engagement ring. Intimidating? Definitely. You want a ring unique to her personal style, while still timeless and classic. Renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co. is just the place to turn. In addition to the legendary Tiffany® Setting, the jeweler has an impressive assortment featuring many iconic settings and designs tailored to suit any bride-to-be’s taste.  Just a few favorites are the Tiffany Harmony™, Tiffany Novo® and Tiffany Soleste®, all beautifully crafted and bound to impress that special someone.

Tiffany Harmony™

The Tiffany Harmony™ engagement ring features a round brilliant diamond set in four prongs  and nested in a tapered platinum band. Platinum is the most durable metal option,thus the optimal choice for your bride-to-be’s engagement ring. This ring can be exquisitely paired with the matching Tiffany Harmony™ band ring, creating a “harmonious couple.” If you were nervous about matching a wedding band to your fiancé’s engagement ring, have no fear because Tiffany has you covered with this impeccable duet.

Tiffany Novo®

If you’re looking for something a bit flashier than the smooth design of the Tiffany Harmony™ setting, the Tiffany Novo® collection is a stunning choice. Featuring either cushion or round brilliant diamond, the stone is set in platinum with four sleek tapered prongs elevating the diamond above the shank to maximized the light shining through the ring’s center.  The setting is complimented by a bead-set diamond band and can be beautifully paired with the Tiffany Soleste® band ring for a complete look.

Tiffany Soleste®

If you know your bride-to-be wouldn’t be quite satisfied without that extra level of glitz, perhaps Tiffany Soleste® is the collection for her. This collection features a variety of fancy shapes, one of which is a cushion modified brilliant diamond. For those wondering what a cushion cut dimaond looks like, picture a stone that is pillow shaped, or a square shape with rounded edges. The diamond is surrounded by a double row  of bead-set diamonds, creating a halo around the center stone.  If the double row of diamonds wasn’t enough, the setting also features a diamond band which can be paired with the matching Tiffany Soleste® band ring, creating an altogether classically elegant ring.

We understand the importance of finding a ring that will compliment her unique personality. Here’s our advice: leave the hard work to the experts. Whatever your bride-to-be’s style, Tiffany is sure to offer a timeless ring that suits her taste flawlessly. While you can’t go wrong with the traditional Tiffany® Setting, the company’s other classic offerings guarantee you will find the perfect one for her. Tiffany also takes the hard work out of coordinating a wedding band with the engagement ring, by offering matching bands to pair perfectly with each of its iconic settings. The Tiffany Harmony™, Tiffany Novo®, and Tiffany Soleste® designs are just three examples of how Tiffany & Co. manages to exceed every bride-to-be’s expectations for an exceptional engagement ring she can cherish for a lifetime and pass on for generations to come.

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