Should Guys Get Their Hair (Professionally) Done the Day of Their Wedding?

Photo Illustration by Dorothy Cury

I guarantee your fiancé is planning to have a professional stylist attack her hair the morning of the wedding, but should you consider it too? Of course you should. It’s easy to overlook this step as a man, especially if you’re the kind of guy whose usual hair routine involves a simple post-shower pat dry. But getting your hair done on your big day should be as mandatory as placing the ring on your future spouse’s finger. It can be an important step in transforming this day into one unlike any you’ve had before — one in which you’re feeling like the best version of yourself.

Treat Wedding Day Like Game Day

Imagine your hair like a football field (stay with me for a second). On game day morning of, the field gets mowed. Why? To make sure the grass is ready for the players–but also so it looks better for everyone watching. Your hair, much like that football field, deserves that same level of care. This is not a scrimmage; your wedding is game day. Treat it as such.

Hire Pros

Getting a professional to help with your hair is not always about getting a complicated blow-out or radically altering your usual look. It can be as simple as getting your neck line properly edged or your bangs evened out. Depending on your style, it doesn’t even have to take very long and it’s not as though getting your hair done requires any work besides just sitting there. Plus, think of the pictures. These are photos you’re going to be looking at for the rest of your life. Don’t risk a messy, or even worse, bad, haircut. Some things are best left to the professionals. I mean, you wouldn’t cater your own wedding, would you?

“I don’t know that anyone has to get their hair done professionally on their wedding day, but I do think hair should be freshly trimmed and shaped,” says celebrity hairstylist David Lopez. “If the person wears a fade or buzz cut, they will definitely want it to be as fresh as possible and done the day before or morning-of.”

Besides just looking great, the lesser obvious power of the perfect haircut is psychological. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it’s the small details that can elevate the experience and make everything come together. It’s one of the reasons why, after all, you’re wearing a tuxedo.

“I think the biggest benefit to having someone professionally style your hair on the day of your wedding is that it’s one less thing for you to do,” says Lopez. “I know a lot of men are particular with how their hair is styled, and they will definitely want to feel like the best version of themselves. The bottom line: it doesn’t hurt to have a professional there to clean you up, make sure you look great from every angle, and make you feel confident AF.”

Tips: To find a pro in your city, ask for referrals from friends (male or female) and search for “best men’s hair stylists wedding” instead of just “barber” or “men’s haircut.” These days, most businesses have Instagram accounts so you can see what kind of work they do before you commit. Prices vary: Men’s styling usually costs between $10 and $125 (see a state-by-state chart here), but if you find someone who specializes in wedding ‘dos, you could be looking at a few hundred bucks. Tip 20%.

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