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Celebrity Engagements: What Daniel Craig Gave Rachel Weisz

As the man chosen to embody James Bond, Daniel Craig would appear to be the epitome of martini-swilling, lady-killing swagger. In reality, his relationship with Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz is far from flashy. He didn’t sweep her off her feet in the midst of some epic mission — the two actors were longtime friends who were both previously married. It wasn’t until 2010, on the set of Dream House, that chemistry sparked between the two co-stars. Even 007 makes the mistake of overlooking the girl who’s been there all along…

Rumors of their relationship were confirmed in 2011 when, after six months of dating, the couple was married in a secret ceremony attended by their kids (one each from previous marriages) and just two other guests. Both actors have remained tight-lipped about the details of their wedding. “We did it privately,” Craig told GQ, “but that was the point…a secret is a secret.” Instead of embracing the usual celebrity scrutiny, this couple cherishes private life.

True to their low-key form, Craig gave Weisz an unconventionally understated ring: a simple gold band, free from any adornment. While there are lots of girls who dream of a proposal accompanied by a dazzling rock, some brides couldn’t care less about carats. A frills-free gold band, perhaps with an engraving or some diamonds discreetly out of view, is a modern, minimalist alternative to traditional solitaires. A few variations on the theme are below.


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