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Ask Your (Unofficial) Best Man: Online Ring Shopping

@nina_p_v via Twenty20

This is a really big purchase, and I’m not sure I trust a website to help me get the right ring. Can you tell me what the advantages of ordering online really are?

There are actually a ton of advantages to buying rings and other jewelry online. For a start, there’s flexibility in several aspects of the diamond and setting. With a ring-building tool like Blue Nile’s Build Your Own Ring page, you’re free to explore every different combination of stone, setting, and shape until you find the ring you like for the right price. You’re not relying on what a salesman decides to show you or limited to a dealer’s current stock.

Online platforms also offer plenty of resources to help you make the most informed choices. Blue Nile’s Diamond Education page explains the Four C’s of diamond-buying as well as questions of certification and sourcing.

Even in areas where retail locations traditionally had an advantage–ease of return, for example–online stores have closed the gap. Blue Nile’s return policy includes free-shipping and insurance so you don’t have to worry about turning over your expensive stone to the mailman.

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