Gifts For Active Active Groomsmen (And The Ones Who Yell From The Couch)

Nothing brings people together (or tears them apart) quite like sports. Whether they’re playing on the field or screaming at the TV, your groomsmen live for game day. These game-centric gifts are ideal for that Styrofoam-green-finger-pumpin’ team player in your life. Score.

Custom Team Baseball Jerseys

In normal circumstances, a guy giving a bunch of other guys a shirt with his name on it would be a little weird. But these are not normal circumstances. This is your wedding, and you need to have your groomsmen proudly wearing the team covers.

Custom Boxing Gloves

Help your groomsmen settle things the old fashioned way with these customized boxing gloves. Tonight’s match is brought to you by: the groom.

Withings Activité Fitness Watch

If you’re going out to play a game of pickup, it can be nice to know how much you worked out. The Activite has all the functionality of a fitness tracker along with the style of a regular watch.

Hockey Puck Whiskey Chillers

The true hockey fan always prefers ice to water, especially in his whiskey. These chillers will let your hockey fanatic groomsmen express their love of the game while enjoying a cold drink undiluted by melting ice cubes.

Wilson Customized Football

With a custom logo for their preferred team, these customized footballs are a great gift for football fans both active and not so active.

6 Pack Fitness Beast Duffle Stealth Meal Prep Gym Bag

If your pals need a protein boost while they’re working out, this gym bag includes pockets for up to 6 tupperware food containers to enhance their regimen and keep them energized.

NFL Logo Custom Spatula

You know what used to suck about grilling? Not being able to show the world that you love the NFL while flipping burgers or cooking hot dogs. And then one day…

Spartan Carton Subscription Box

With plenty of equipment and supplements to compliment a workout regimen, this treasure box will turn even your most pear-shaped friends into flying V’s in time for your wedding day.

Pronto Peel Universal Remote

More than one remote? What is this, the ‘80s? Liberate your groomsmen from the hassle of TV remote hell with the Pronto, a salt shaker-sized universal controller that lets them channel-surf right from their smartphones — as nature always intended.

Tickets to their Favorite Team

Let’s get real: getting them a piece of equipment or something to help with their workout is fine, but if you really want to make them grateful, you need to get them tickets to the game. Give the people what they want, that’s our motto.

Portable Table Tennis Set

There’s nothing quite like table tennis. Everyone thinks they’re pretty good at it, nobody really is, and it’s always a great time.

Personalized Padded Stadium Seat

Friends don’t let friends settle for a garden-variety stadium seat. Help celebrate his independent spirit with a cushion that puts a personal stamp on the place he sits.