Bridal Gift Guide: Gifts She’ll Be Showing Off Forever

Of course you’re your wife’s best friend, but diamonds certainly have a strong claim as well. Here are ten sentimental pieces of jewelry she’ll always cherish. And no, these are not in lieu of an engagement ring. Nice try, though.

Love Bracelet

A 14k rose gold bracelet with a bezel-set round diamond and the word “love” written in cursive. This might just be the most romantic gift you’ll ever get her.

Yellow-gold & Diamond "XO" Studs

If you’re looking to get a little showoff-y with your gifts, these gold and diamond studs are about as fancy as they come, and your wife will definitely appreciate them.

I Adore You Ring

Leave it to the women to be coy: a real man says what he feels, whether it’s through plain, heartfelt declarations of love, or through jewelry that does the talking for you. This is less symbolic than a wedding or engagement ring, but more explicit about what it’s saying.

Love 2 Love U Bracelet

If fancy gemstones and precious metals isn’t really your fiancée’s style, this handmade ceramic bracelet, with a message that can’t really be described as anything other than cute, is a great personal gift.

Heart & Arrow Pendant

When you met your wife, it felt like Cupid himself had sent an arrow through your heart. If that feels a little too cheesy to say out loud, you can get her this heart and arrow necklace instead. She’ll get the message loud and clear.

Heart Safety Pin Earrings

A gift that combines the romance of gold jewelry with the dependability of a safety pin, these earrings are truly the best of both worlds.

Famous Letter Ring

Whatever you choose to have engraved on this gold bangle, it’s sure to be a romantic gesture she won’t forget (unless you engrave something gross, in which case she still won’t forget it, but not in a good way).

Love U Bangle

You may or may not wear your feelings on your sleeve, but this gold bangle with pavé diamonds is a simple and elegant way for her to wear your heart on her wrist.

Gold Plated Earrings

These earrings combine the classic style of gold hoops with a heart design that really only makes sense coming from you.

Say Yes Mrs. Pendant Necklace

Jewelry is one of the most romantic gifts you can give, and your wedding is one of the most romantic events you’ll be a part of, so combining the two with this newlywed necklace is like “most romantic” squared. That’s pretty romantic.