Bridal Gift Guide: Gifts That Will Have Her Feeling Sentimental

You may be hard-bitten and practical, a man who takes care of business and doesn’t get hung up on the past. You’ve thrown out all your old baseball cards (or, better yet, sold them to a collector) and if you had been the type to keep a high school diary, you’d have burned it long ago. But your bride? That’s another story.

If there’s an appropriate time for sappiness, it’s now. A personal gift for your bride is a tender, intimate gesture that will make her heart full on the eve of the big day.

Round Locket Necklace

A solid gold chain and pendant which you can customize with keepsakes that remind her of your life together so far. If you had your first date on a beach, for instance, you can add sapphires to a tiny, 18 carat surfboard. That kind of thing.

Love and Paint Kit

Create a Jackson Pollock-esque masterpiece with this sexy kit, which requires you and your bride to cover each other in paint and then go to town on top of the bed-sized canvas. Pollock never worked like this. (Actually, Jackson was a bit of a freak, so who can really say?)

Custom Vinyl Record

Make Music Together


If your bride is hip enough to appreciate old vinyl, she’ll love this: a totally personalized 10 inch single, with music that you’ve picked out and a sleeve that you’ve designed. Your first wedding song, her favorite dance track, or you singing “Popeye The Sailor Man”–it doesn’t matter. Order well in advance, though–your record will take about a month to get to you.

Legend Pop Bracelet

Oh The Places You Will Go


Whether it’s the bar where you had your first kiss or that remote island you always talk about running away to together, you can engrave a personal location’s latitude and longitude into this gold bracelet.

What I Love About You Book

You’re a man of few words? No problem. This hardcover fill-in-the-blank book has plenty of prompts to help you express yourself to your soon-to-be-wife.

Personalized Wedding Ring Dish

Customize a handmade, clay dish to keep her rings safe while she’s cooking, sleeping, or washing her hair. No one wants to risk that investment going down the drain, her least of all.

Bouquet Charm

Decorate her bridal bouquet with a message, name of a loved one, or anything else you think is appropriate. Only rule: keep it sentimental–this is not the place for a joke.

Antique Gold Jewelry Box

You might not know much about jewelry, but we’re confident that even you can figure out that it’s nice to have a place to store all of it. This gold jewelry box is fancy enough to match what it’s storing, and to match your fiancée.

Custom Couple Portrait Illustration

Commemorate your wedding day with a custom portrait of you and your bride. Hand drawn on thick, fine art paper, it will make a charming complement to your wedding photographs (with the added advantage that it will probably smooth out some of your worst features).

Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera and Instax Mini Photo Album

This is the most joyous day of her life, so maybe she doesn’t want to entrust her memories to the cold ones and zeros of digital photography. Let her take pictures of her wedding the old fashioned way, with this stylish instant film camera. (Later on, when you make like Andre-3000 and tell her to “shake it like a Polaroid picture,” she’ll know exactly what you mean.)