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Wedding Vendor Tipping: A Cheat Sheet

Cristiano Ostinelli

You’re an enlightened guy. You’re a good tipper. The odds are good, however, that you have no frickin’ clue how much to tip all the mob of caterers, photographers, bartenders, and wedding cake makers. This is your cheat sheet.

Normally included in the contract. Check to verify.

Usually 15% of total bar bill. Check upfront to see if included with the catering service charge. Note: they should not have a tip jar for your guests.

Nope. Should be included in catering contract. Again, check to ensure.

Nope. Not necessary. If you feel like tipping, $50 should be enough.

Wedding Planner
Mercifully, no.

Limo driver
Check the contract. Assuming it’s not already included in your bill, tip 15%.

If he/she’s the owner, don’t tip. If he/she’s an employee, consider $50-$100, based on performance.

What are you talking to a florist for? Have you gone insane? This one isn’t for you. And no, they generally don’t need tips.

Tuxedo shop

Wedding Cake Bakers

$1 per car, check and see if this is in the contract, and attendants shouldn’t accept tips from guests. Mention this on your wedding website and invitations.

Coat check
Also $1 per item. Also should be pre-contracted and pre-paid.

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