Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Booze Bus: Reader Suggestion of the Day

Since I’ll be at a bachelor party later this week (top-top-top secret, can’t share details), I’m in a bachelor party kind of mood.

A reader comments with the below suggestion. Worth sharing.

For $50 bucks a pop, not a bad way to go. Yes, you will get laughed at. Yes, your whole crew will be sort of obnoxious. But, well, that’s part of the drunken glory.

The suggestion:

“I recently went to a really unique, fun, stripper-free bachelor party.  The best man rented a 30-passenger party bus (decked out like a limo inside), we all piled in with coolers full of booze & beer, and rode around LA getting rowdy and making stops at the groom’s favorite taco trucks (and a couple of dive bars). 

It did require a little cash….everyone chipped in about $50 for the bus & booze.  But we had a blast cruising around to all the different local spots, cranking heavy metal on the stereo, and playing hilariously raunchy porn DVDs on the big-screen TV in the back of the bus.”

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