Honeymoon Sweepstakes as Wedding Gift: Brilliant or Boring?

A reader asks us:

“What do you guys think about honeymoon sweepstakes? Any tips or ideas? Any sweepstakes?

I know your advice on this is that this isn’t going to be our best vacation ever, but I’m seriously wanting to get the heck out of dodge and the only way we can afford it… would most likely be through a sweepstakes of some sort.”

There are some things in life that are easy decisions.  To name a few:

1) Doubling down against a dealer’s 6.

2) Wearing a condom in an unfamiliar brothel.

3) Leaving Ron Artest open to brick a three.

4) When you’re thinking about a Honeymoon Sweepstakes, using a Honeymoon Sweepstakes.

It’s simple. This is what you really want as a wedding gift. And your friends and family (mostly) want to give you what you really want.

To some, cash feels tacky. This lets them “feel” like they’re giving you a tangible gift, even though it’s actually cash.

There are gobs of options such as HoneymoonWishes.com or HoneyFund.com.

Everybody wins. Do it. Feel good about it.

Good luck.

And for those who haven’t yet seen it, get more info in our Honeymoon Section.

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