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Couple Pays for Wedding with Aluminum Cans

Is this an Onion article or a piece of real news? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

When we heard that a couple is trying to fund their wedding by saving aluminum cans, we thought it was a joke, and then we thought, well, they must be talking about only 2 bags of cans, 3 bags, something manageable.

Then we heard that they saved more than 18,000 cans. In their living room. Think about that. 18,000 is about the capacity of Madison Square Garden. Now imagine that after the basketball game, every single person in attendance dumped their trash in your living room. Granted, for some Knicks squads, that might only be 17 people, but still.

But they’re not stopping at 18,000. Their final goal: 400,000. Jesus.

We’re of two minds here. On the one hand, at first blush, this is the kind of story we usually mock. On the other… well… we hate to admit this, but it’s sort of possible that these people are doing some good, spreading awareness, and all that kinda junk.

Read the full story here.

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