Can Your Best Man Do All This?

Jeesh. We thought we had high standards.

A reader sets the bar pretty high, but we agree with almost all the below. I’ve personally had to go out and fetch dress socks.  (Main disagreement? The Man Purse.)

A reader writes:

“A couple of things best man should know how to do: Iron a shirt, Polish Shoes, and speak to their friend.

“I would encourage a best man to also have the following items available for the wedding party: Lint Roller, Shoe Polish, Mouthwash and mints, Shirt Collar Stays, Cologne, Whisky, Extra dress socks, Deodorant, and Cash on hand (a mix of bills is best).

“I’ve noticed it’s best to put together a Man Purse (like Allan in the Hangover) and have these things AT the wedding.

“As a best man it is your job to make sure that you put the groom at ease and make her family LOVE HIM.

“Don’t be afraid to tell people how proud of Him you are; think like a new grandfather cheering on his son after a new baby. Show up early and leave late, bring help, and know your way around the town.” 

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