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Bizarre-Ass Geeky Reader Suggestion of the Day: Lightsaber Fights

We don’t even know where to begin.

This doesn’t need an introduction. Just… behold.

In response to our story 20 (Stripper-Free) Bachelor Party Ideas, a reader writes:

“Alright, This is going to sound horribly nerdy, but hear me out (and test it if you don’t believe me). But this is one of the top stress reliefs,  if you have a bunch of guys who don’t mind looking retarded and coming away bleeding and bruised.

Grab some of the $5 plastic lightsabers (or any toy sword for that matter) and enjoy beating the living shit out of each other. Some of my best nights that start out my worst days ended with a bunch of guys going and venting frustration in a sword fight.

Something about running through the woods trying to beat the hell out of a guy with a stick = stress relief to me and basically every person who as ever stopped worrying about looking like a complete idiot and tried it. Add losing limbs to the mix and you have a bunch of guys hopping around on one leg, trying to stab ppl with a sword held between their feet and just runningcrawlingrollinghoppingetc like hell to not be “killed”.

It’s like assassin on crack when played to it’s full extent, and the more it involves dropping out of trees or other commando maneuvers the better. Then of course alcohol makes all these types of things better… especially if their is someone sober enough and willing to run a camera of a bunch of guys being jackasses.”

To steal a line from Bill Simmons, “These are my readers…”

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