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A Ruthlessly Simplified To-Do List for Your Wedding

We’ve been accused of doing nothing but mock, jest, sit on the sidelines, and make fun of everything-wedding. But that’s not always true. It’s only true 99% of the time. Every now and then, we do something useful, something constructive. And that takes us to our Reader Comment of the Day, or what no one calls the “R-COD.”

On our Groom’s Wedding Planning Timeline: The Final Countdown, D writes:

Perfect List

Thanks for the great list. My fiancé asked me to give him a copy of my wedding to-do list. I’m pretty sure he wants it just so he can confirm that wedding planning is an insane waste of time and money and that we absolutely have no other option but to elope, no .

So I’m printing this one for him instead. At least he might be able to laugh a bit at the process, and not freak out too much. I hope…

Get the whole timeline here. It’s actually useful. There’s a first time for everything.

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