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See How This Shirt Shows Off That Wedding Bod You’ve Been Working For

Bryan Davis is the inventor of the Teddy Stratford Zip Fit Shirt. Originally crowdfunded through Kickstarter, the Teddy Stratford is now quickly rising in popularity as one of the best-fitting shirts on the market today. We spoke to Bryan to see what the secret behind the muscle-hugging – but still stylish – shirt is.

Alright, so is this like the shirt version of a clip-on tie?

No! The Zip-Fit Shirt isn’t meant to be like, the easy way out of buttoning. You kind of learned that when you were four years old.

The reasoning behind the Teddy Stratford Zip Fit shirt is simple: it fits you much better than the regular button-down. The zipper allows for a closer fit to the body; and, because of this, there is no slouchy gapping between the buttons.

So why exactly shouldn’t I wear my old slouchy white button-down for my wedding, the way millions of other guys have done for generations?

I mean, you could… But a Zip Fit Shirt really would work better. It’s even easier than buying the button-down because there’s no tailoring involved after buying this shirt. It already fits you exactly the way you need it to.

Also, the average age of guys getting married right now (you know, which are probably you…) are young dudes. You’re in good shape. And you’re probably also even working on your body especially for the wedding. When you look back, you want to remember how good you looked.

So but like… I’m not in the best shape.

Thing about the Teddy Stratford though is you don’t need to be in great shape to look great in it. Sounds like a gimmick but just listen here: the shirt is cut in a “V” and it zips up. Think about it. No matter what body-fat percentage you are, all men have that same basic shape to their bodies. The shirt brings out those broad shoulders more.

And my groomsmen? Art they just left out of the secret deal here?

Nah! We have a special code for Plunge users to get a discount off their purchase if they’re buying for a wedding. Now your whole groom party can look like they’re on their A-game. After that bachelor party you had the night before, that should have been difficult.

Bryan Davis is the owner and founder of Teddy Stratford Zip Fit Shirts by day, and an NYC-area DJ at night. Master shirt maker Carl Goldberg (CEGO Custom Shirts) partnered with Bryan to create the Zip Fit Shirt; and they currently operate out of NYC’s Garment District.

And “Who is Teddy Stratford?” you may ask. It’s a play on Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club, Tyler Durden. Durden is the unnamed Narrator’s (played by Edward Norton) idealized version of himself. Teddy Stratford is Bryan’s Tyler Durden.

See for yourself why the Teddy Stratford embodies the ideal man.

[And yo, if you’re looking for some help completing that Vintage Summer Look, Teddy Stratford just released their summer line that has the perfect shirts for that vintage vibe you’re looking for.]

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