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The ring

For the courtship of your girlfriend, buying the engagement ring is the big boss. Think about it. In this climactic battle, you will face...

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Engagement Ring Buying Guide: Overview

Here's a thought experiment. Imagine that before your fantasy football season, your girlfriend is entrusted with your entire draft...

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Should You Go "Ring Shopping" Together?

Buying online saves time and effort, but can you really trust the website www.GetCheapRingsYEAH!.com...

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Online or In-Store? Where to Buy Your Diamond

There's far, far more to learn about diamond rings than any man should ever have to know.

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Not Rocket Science: Beyond the Four C's

To have any hope of understanding diamonds, knowing “The Four C’s” is as important as knowing...

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Engagement Ring Basics: The Four C's

Guys need engagement rings. Only problem: they don't happen to have $X thousand dollars just burning a hole in their pocket.

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Engagement Ring Prices: 10 Rules for Saving Money

Agreeing to a lifetime of monogamy, however, comes not with a prize, but with an eye-popping price tag...

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Buying the Ring: How Much Dough to Blow

Maybe you’ve heard of diamond swapping, maybe not. It goes like this...

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Diamond Swapping: Not As Fun As Wife Swapping

If she says that "I'm worth a $40k ring and no less," well, then we think you know the answer. But...

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"My Girlfriend Wants a $40,000 Ring. What Should I Do?"


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