Groom Duties

Are You A Focker? How To Get Along With Your Father-in-Law.

When you get engaged, you’re looking at the situation from your perspective: you’ve found a smart, beautiful woman you love and with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life. It’s exciting–so exciting it’s easy to forget there’s another man in the picture: your future father-in-law. He might be a mild-mannered fellow who shares his craft beers with you; he might be a tough old bird who works in construction and runs an ultimate fighting gym in his spare time.

But whether he treats you like a son, or barely pays you any attention, chances are that deep down there’s small part of him that would love to kill you. This is basic father stuff and we don’t Freud to explain it. Of course his basic protective instincts are going to kick in when he finds out that his little girl has–for some inexplicable reason–decided to take up with a loathsome little weed like you.

The question for you is: how do you win him over?  Take this quiz and find out what to do (and what not to).

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