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The Plunge Wedding Toast Roundup

You’re a bright guy. You probably know a few things about giving a wedding toast. You probably realize, for example, that you should never discuss religion, politics, and oral sex, or any combination of the three.

There’s a good chance, however, that no matter how many weddings you’ve attended, you still might be a little nervous about your big speech. Who needs to be thanked? How long should it be? How do you end it? What if you barely know the bride?

We’ve got you covered.

These articles tackle wedding toasts for every key player: the groombest man, and Father of the Bride. Are you a groomsman? Use the best man guidelines-same rules apply to you.

Best Man Toast: Dos and Don’ts

A focus on delivery, style, and execution. This contains plenty of basic public speaking tips that are true for any speech: maintain eye contact, practice your speech until you bore the mirror, etc.  Also, this article etches out the parameters of what you should absolutely avoid… because, ironically, you do not want your wedding speech to be memorable

Best Man Toast: Templates, Ideas, Structure

No idea what to say? This is your guideline to writing a toast. Here you’ll find the meat and potatoes of the content itself. Even if you have utterly no clue where to begin, we’ll help you with a basic structure and template. You don’t have to be a great writer to give a great speech; you just need to do a little homework.

Groom Speech

A recent survey showed that 40% of all grooms didn’t realize that they’re supposed to give a speech. (Note: no such survey exists. But we think that number sounds about right.) Yes, you need to give a speech. No, it doesn’t need to be long, and no, you’re not really expected to tell stories or regale the crowd. Your mission is simple: thank everyone and honor your bride. Get the lowdown here.

Father of the Bride Speech

Hey, Father of the Bride. Welcome.  We understand if you can feel a little uneasy at this website. After all, 99% of the site is devoted to the one scumbag you’d like to banish from existence, the groom. (Remember, though…you were once in his shoes.) In any case, in this article, we’re here to help you. When you stand up to toast your daughter and son of a bitch peckerhead your new son-in-law, you’ll want to be prepared. Start here.

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