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4 Easy Steps To Picking Your Wedding Band

Most of the wedding is impermanent: flowers wilt, cake is eaten, no one will remember if the band is out of tune. But some of the decisions you’ll be making have a longer shelf life. For instance, your choice of wedding bands. You’ll probably be wearing your wedding band on your finger all day, every day, forever. In this moment, more than ever, it’s time to speak up and say something so you get a ring that you actually want to wear. Keep these four key things in mind when making your choice.

Consider Your Wardrobe

Wedding bands come in all shapes, sized, metals, and textures. When picking one, consider how you typically dress. If you’re more of a Brooks Brothers guy, opt for a gold ring with a high shine. If you’re a little less dashing, or work in a setting that may be require you to get your hands dirty, look for rings that come in a more muted colors. You don’t want your daily grime to tarnish your ring.

Listen to Your Elders

Family rings aren’t just for the engagement. Your Dad, grandpa, or various uncles may have a wedding band that they’d like to pass down to you. Granted, it’s not easy to ask for: it’s the kind of thing that you’d prefer was offered.  But if you’ve always had your eye on that certain ring, now’s the time to ask. hether the ring is perfectly your style also matters less when you’re balancing it with the sentimental significance of its history.

Worry About Size

Normally, we advise guys not to worry about size, but wedding bands are the exception. You want to find the right balance between too thick a ring and too thin: the one will feel like a lug nut on your finger, the other will be too thin and girly. Find something that fits well with your fingers that you can forget it’s even there.

Break the Mold

Some couples are looking to break away from the standard  platinum or gold bands, the white dresses, and flowers everywhere. They want to curate an experience that fits them better.  Maybe that means wooden rings (if you first met building houses for Habitat for Humanity, for example). Maybe that means making a ring out of wire (because you proposed with the muselet from a champagne bottle wound up around her finger.) Don’t be one of the sheeple and stay away from something you think could be cool. What is cool? That’s up to you. But discuss it with your fiancée and see what she says: maybe she’s thinking along the same lines.


Bottom Line

Picking the right wedding ring is important, and with just a few considerations, it’s easy to find the right band.

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