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Ask Your (Unofficial) Best Man: Forgotten Invites

First step: mail those invitations. Seriously, get up and do it now and read the rest of this post after…

You’re back already? Okay, cool. The invitations may get there in time, but they may not. The important part is that you aren’t holding the smoking gun. Now, send e-vites to people, explaining that the Postal Service seems to have lost certain people’s invitations, and you wanted to make sure everyone was invited and aware. That’s not true, but the odds of the Postal Service messing up if you had mailed them properly are about 50-50 anyway. By saying that some people had theirs lost, it creates the illusion that some got there, some were lost, and you’re being extra responsible by sending some invitations twice. Eventually, some of these people will come together at the reception and figure it out, but most won’t remember, and by that time, you’ll be at the wedding anyway!

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