5 Romantic Activities For Honeymoons in Tahiti 5 Romantic Activities For Honeymoons in Tahiti

5 Romantic Activities For Honeymoons in Tahiti

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Tahiti is mainly about honeymoons. Nobody comes here for a guys’ getaway or a family vacation: it’s all couples who want to eat chocolate-covered strawberries in bed, cuddle up on the beach, and consummate their new marriage, preferably over and over again.

While the majority of newlyweds flock to Bora Bora, they still spend plenty of time on the other Tahitian islands, which are all unique in their own way. Each island simmers with romance, so you can’t go wrong. To get those sparks flying, check out these top romantic activities.

  • Get breakfast delivered from a canoe

    French Polynesia
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    A canoe is one of the most traditional elements of Polynesian culture. You’ll see outrigger canoes everywhere, as well as things shaped like canoes, cocktails that come in canoe cups, and canoe art. But nothing really takes the Polynesian canoe to the next level like the breakfast canoe. It’s basically breakfast in bed delivered to you by local Tahitians, who arrive at your overwater bungalow in—you guessed it—a canoe.

    basically breakfast in bed | local Tahitians

  • Private motu dinner

    French Polynesia
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    If you thought your private island resort was in the middle of nowhere, you haven’t been to a baby motu yet. Think Cast Away, but with your wife as a companion instead of Winston the volleyball. In Tahiti, there are dozens of tiny, bite-size motus (islands or islets) that you can only reach by small boat, and they generally range from the size of a party bus to maybe a basketball court. These motus are ridiculously secluded, with white sand and sometimes a swaying palm tree or two. Because they’re so romantic and private, couples often arrange to have a picnic or candle-lit dinner set up on one of the local motus.

    small islands | ridiculously secluded | candle-lit dinner

  • Tahitian Cruise

    French Polynesia
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    The life aquatic is a dream come true in Tahiti. Everyone loves a cruise, and they go all-out on the Polynesian experience, with full-on traditional fire shows, BBQs, and postcard-perfect sunsets. Most cruises are aboard yachts or small ships like Windstar and South Pacific Cruises, traversing the deep blue waters in an intimate capacity, and stopping at the major islands so you can have different experiences each time.

    fire shows | amazing sunsets | stop at major islands

  • Explore Huahine

    Huahine, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia
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    The island of Huahine is the opposite of how you’d imagine Tahiti, but it’s still just as enchanting. It’s known for its thriving tropical jungles, coconut plantations and Tahitian vanilla (Tahiti is a huge exporter of vanilla, and you’ll smell it everywhere in French Polynesia). Home to vibrant forests, picturesque villages and even sacred temples, Huahine is chock full of legends. Getting to Huahine is pretty easy: there are daily flights from most of the other islands, averaging about 20 minutes max. Couples come for the day just to take the island tour (your concierge can arrange this). You visit several archaeological sites, vanilla plantations, villages, gorgeous look-out points and a place called Faie, home to sacred, blue-eyed eels.

    tropical jungles | daily flights | historical sites

  • Go to the Marquesas Islands

    Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
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    You’ve already flung yourself this far to Tahiti, so what’s to stop you from going ever further? True travel junkies, adventurists, and bucket list completists make the trip from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands. It’s the most remote island group in the world, and getting there is half the journey. It takes three full days by boat. And when we say boat, we mean cargo vessel. It’s a cargo vessel turned passenger cruise, so don’t expect the Four Seasons. Less than 1000 people hop aboard every year, many seeking unique experiences. Luckily, the Marquesas Islands are gorgeous and scenic, so that boat ride is worth it. If you and your missus don’t mind a little rough and ready adventuring, this is the ultimate romantic getaway.

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