Best Romantic Honeymoon Activities in Costa Rica Best Romantic Honeymoon Activities in Costa Rica

Best Romantic Honeymoon Activities in Costa Rica

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Not that you’ve ever seen The Bachelor on ABC, (unless you’re in public denial, which is okay, we’ve been there) but the show is known to film in various romance-drenched, scenic destinations, like Tahiti, South Africa and, of course, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is obviously a match made in heaven because it has always been a magnet for honeymooners. Heck, even non-honeymooners are moved to tears here because it’s so damn beautiful. There are moments in Costa Rica that are so romantic, they make you feel the love and—let’s be honest—inspire you to get it on later. Look no further than these activities for hand-holding, oohing and aahing, major cuddling and definite sex-later moments.


  • Sunset in Santa Teresa

    Playa Santa Teresa, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica
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    Beaches in Costa Rica are insanely romantic. There’s not a beach that sucks. Santa Teresa, the southernmost beach in Nicoya Peninsula, is pretty exceptional. It’s known to lure beach bums, surfers, models with no goals, backpackers and budget travelers. We’d like to say this is now half of what you’ll find because the beach town has gradually seen a huge invasion of rich families, power couples, affluent New Yorkers and models with major Instagram followings because (sorry backpackers) the secret is out. Santa Teresa is damn beautiful and, unlike other beaches, it actually has a pulse. It’s a bare-boned beach town (you won’t find fancy resorts or glitzy restaurants or lifeguards or such), which is the main allure. It’s totally authentic, and it arguably has the best sunsets in the entire destination. That said, you’re coming here around 6 pm to take in the authentic beach vibes and hold hands during one of the most commanding sunsets on the beach (which is unobstructed and sprawls for miles). BYOB, FYI.


  • Tour Finca Rosa Blanca

    Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort, Heredia Province, Santa Bárbara de Heredia, Costa Rica
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    Finca Rosa Blanca is the country’s most romantic coffee plantation. Yes, coffee plantation. We did not stutter. The setting of this 42-acre farm is so breathtaking (views of volcanoes, cloud forests and waterfalls) that they built a little inn because honeymooners wanted to stay rather than do a tour. There are so many weddings here you think they’d have an in-house priest by now. Anyway, the tour here is not only a glimpse into Costa Rica’s famed coffee production, but exploration through 5,000 indigestion trees, majestic vistas and plenty of coffee tastings, so bring some gum. There’s a greenhouse restaurant and a spa (using coffee for body scrubs), so make a whole afternoon out of it.

  • Tortuga Island excursion

    Isla Tortuga, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica
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    At some point, you’ll take out a boat. You’ll set sail on a private yacht because Costa Rica is insanely breathtaking at sea. Because you’ll become obsessed with being at sea, you’ll do the excursion to Tortuga Island. From Montezuma, you’ll board the boat with a few other couples (unless you do private hire, which is cool, but going the common route is only going to cost you about $30). En route, you’ll see dolphins and manta rays and humpback whales. When you get to the completely deserted island, you’ll see even more marine life by donning a snorkel, followed by lunch of grilled chicken and fish with local beer. Then, you’ll top this off with a hike to the top of Tortuga that harbors views of the entire gulf and surrounding islands. Be prepared to be stunned. Your hotel concierge can set this up.


  • Hot springs hopping in Guanacaste

    Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
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    The area surrounding Arenal volcano is teeming with hot springs, which makes it one of the most popular Costa Rica activities. But when it comes to total privacy with zero crowds, we’re sending you to Guanacaste, which is home to Four Seasons Costa Rica, Andaz and Villa Manzu (if you’re staying in the area). Guanacaste is home to lesser-known hot springs that are not part of resorts, and they’re submerged in rain forests for dramatic settings. You’ll soak in amazing thermal springs at Rincon de la Vieja and Miravalles volcanoes. Also, this region is popular for mineral-rich, therapeutic, volcanic mud baths, if you want to get a little dirty and do some light mud wrestling. Whatever floats your boat.


  • Nightcap at Chao Pescao

    Restaurante Chao Pescao., Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
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    While Chao Pescao serves tapas-style plates, it’s mostly known as a bar, and it’s the best one in the country. Chao is a stylish space with soaring wooden ceilings, a natural-meets-modern-elegance vibe and an outdoor terrace but the real highlight is the actual cocktail menu. Famed mixologist Clark Jimenez serves up impressive libations, and you might catch him in the act doing some Tom Cruise/Cocktails-type stuff. Clark represented Costa Rica in the 2013 World Class Bartender of the Year competition, and of course he won (he also won in 2015 as well). We are not exaggerating when we say these will be the best cocktails in the country. Expect elevated, imaginative drinks using only fine spirits and many Costa Rica ingredients (fresh plucked of course), like Sweet Bacon (Maker’s Mark infused with bacon and black pepper, Vermouth Rosso, maple syrup and orange bitter) or Figs in Butter (Don Julio Reposado infused with butter, Grand Marnier, figs, lime juice and chocolate bitter). The passion and creative juice put into these cocktails are truly impressive and noticeable.