Get Lost On These Romantic Adventures In Bali Get Lost On These Romantic Adventures In Bali

Get Lost On These Romantic Adventures In Bali

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Rice fields, temples, jungles, mountains, beaches, al fresco bars, spas… Bali has it all. Temperatures average 80°F degrees year round, so there’s no bad time to honeymoon here, and it’s so pristine and scenic that any spot you stand comes with a beautiful background.

But who just stands in Bali? No one. There’s culture to explore, street food to eat, healers to see, waves to be surfed. You can pack your itineraries, or do absolutely nothing at all. That’s the beauty of Bali. To steer you in the right direction, these are five activities that are essential to the island. Don’t miss out on them.

  • Beach hop

    Bali, Indonesia
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    OK, we’re going to give it to you straight up: Bali’s beaches aren’t mind-blowing like those on Bora Bora, Maldives or Tulum. That said, they are still beautiful. Honeymooners can beach hop like it’s a full-time job. Start at Seminyak, the party beach, then head to Kuta Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful (ah, those sunsets). Lay out at Jimbaran Bay (known for beds on the beach and markets) and, for the really adventurous, make your way to Nyang Nyang Beach, the best beach on the island, with pristine white sand framed by towering green cliffs. To finish your odyssey, head back to Seminyak for the crazy nightlife.

    Seminyak = party | Kuta = sunsets | Nyang Nyang = white sand

  • Surf in Uluwatu

    Uluwatu Surf Break, Jalan Mamo, Pecatu, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
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    The beach is one of the longest, and its perfect, crashing waves will lull you to sleep if you’re not careful. There’s not much here but sprawling white sand, a handful of honeymooners and surfers. Heaps of surfers. The waves are legendary here, so no good couple leaves Bali without saying they surfed in Uluwatu. If you don’t know how to surf, your resort can easily set up a lesson for you. While you’re here, you must see the Kecak Fire Dance show at Uluwatu Temple. Over the top, theatrical, and thrilling, it goes down perfectly right at sunset.

    white sand | surf lessons | Uluwatu Temple

  • Unexpected dining

    Frankensteins Laboratory, Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
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    Bali is home to many expats, people who came here, fell in love with the place, and never left. Some of them opened restaurants to pay the bills and gave them interesting twists. They came up with quirky places like Frankenstein’s Laboratory, where waiters dress like classic horror characters (Frankenstein, Dracula, etc); or they set up a traditional restaurant literally on top of a live volcano (Mount Batur); or they dish out food on a wooden pirate ship or a grounded plane or in the middle of Mara River Safari Park (with glass-to-ceiling windows, so the lions look at you like “WTF?” while you eat chicken with a fork.) There’s no shortage of these unexpected restaurants to explore in Bali.

    Frankenstein's Lab | Mt Batur | Mara River Safari Park

  • Ride a moped

    Bali, Indonesia
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    Bali’s 4.2 million residents share two-lane (sometimes one lane) streets on a tiny island, so most locals get around by moped rather than car. It’s also the best way for visitors to explore Bali. You can rent mopeds anywhere (or, let your hotel arrange it for you.) You need to be careful, because the Balinese like to go fast, but they’re also traffic ninjas, and are vigilant for less daring drivers. Find undiscovered gems, quiet tucked away spots to canoodle and, of course, get to point A to point B without sitting in hours of traffic. Get one bike for the two of you, so she can spend the whole day with her arms wrapped around you (or visa versa, if she’s the better driver).

    rent one bike to share | avoid traffic | find hidden spots

  • Perch among the views (especially at a pool)

    Alila Abud Hotel
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    There’s a saying in Bali: “If you don’t check out the pools, you’re a loser.” OK, we made that up, but it’s not far from the truth. The pools in Bali are some of the most striking in the world. A lot of couples stick to their suite’s private pool their entire stay, but pools like Hanging Gardens Ubud (famous for its two tiered pool on the edge of the rain forest) and Alila Ubud (famous for its infinity pool, which appears to be floating in the forest) are attractions in themselves. Of course, the amazing views in Bali can be experienced from almost any vantage point, pool or not. So, climb a mountain, go to an ancient temple or head to the rice paddies: your Instagram followers will be treated to views unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

    striking famous pools | climb to height | see temples