Cool Couples Classes For Your Honeymoon in Aruba Cool Couples Classes For Your Honeymoon in Aruba

Cool Couples Classes For Your Honeymoon in Aruba

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Taking a class is probably the last thing you ever thought you’d do on your honeymoon in Aruba. But it’s an unusual way to keep things romantic, especially if you overdose on beautiful sunsets, moonlit beach walks and passionate bungalow sex. Your new wife will love doing a project together, and you may pick up some skills that will help you in married life, such as listening carefully and following directions. Besides, we’re not talking calculus class here: we’re talking things like…

  • Cooking class with Taste of Aruba

    L.G. Smith Blvd 101, Noord, Aruba
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    Aruba has a vibrant dining scene. Thanks to the island mix of some 90 ethnicities, you can expect all sorts of culinary influence, including exceptional, traditional Aruban cuisine. Couples who feel like dipping their toes into these waters can get messy in the kitchen at Aruba Marriott Resort with the Taste of Aruba cooking class. The executive chef will show you hands-on on how to prepare three authentic Aruban dishes, including Keshi Yena, the island’s signature dish (made by stuffing meat and veggies into a hollowed-out Gouda cheese rind). The class is not advertised, so you’ll have to contact the front desk to sign up. $75 per person.

    hands-on | 3 authentic dishes | Keshi Yena

  • Kite surfing with Pro Kite School Aruba

    Pro Kite School Aruba, San Nicolas North, Aruba
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    Kite surfing is not only one of Aruba’s most popular activities, it’s a national pastime, thanks to the shallow, flat waters and strong trade winds. Locals and visitors have been riding the surface of the sea for decades, getting a workout and having a blast. One of the top-rated kite surfing schools is Pro Kite School Aruba. They set you up, get you on the water and make sure you catch wind and surf on your own. It takes a few falls to get your balance right, and gliding without any help happens sooner than you would think. One lesson is $120, and well worth it.

    national pastime | fun workout | surf on your own

  • Salsa dancing with ArubaSalsa

    Pos Abao, Oranjestad-West, Aruba
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    When you’re this close to South America (you can literally see Venezuela from here), you know there’s going to be salsa dancing at some point. Salsa is one if the most romantic styles in the world, so most classes are filled with couples. ArubaSalsa’s instructors are quite good, and will set you up with moves you just know will come in handy at some later point in your life. Now’s the time to master the art of literally sweeping your lady off her feet.

    romantic | good instructors | come in handy later

  • Making stuff with Terrafuse

    TERRAFUSE Art School, Turibana, Noord, Aruba
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    Terrafuse offers workshops in glass and ceramics on a small scale. Here you can learn how to blow glass, make glass objects like beads, and, try your hand at the wheel. Hands-on workshops are free, though they’re limited to two days a week. Just wait until you get back to your suite to start reenacting that classic Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore “pottery” scene from Ghost

    blow glass | make beads | ceramic wheel

  • Embracing art and design with Ateliers'89

    Ateliers'89, Dominicanessenstraat, Oranjestad, Aruba
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    If you ever wanted to be a producer, director, painter, sculptor or basically anything that uses the right side of your brain, Ateliers ’89 will make you regret taking that six-figure, 401k office job—but just for a hot second. The contemporary art gallery/workshop space hosts various free public workshops, ranging from making your own one-minute film, ceramics (again, ceramics!), photography, drawing, fashion-themed workshops and more. Classes are generally free: check the website to see what they’re offering while you’re in town.

    gallery and workshop space | free classes | film to fine art