5 Awesome Miami Party Restaurants 5 Awesome Miami Party Restaurants

5 Awesome Miami Party Restaurants

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As with many other party-centric cities, the dining scene in Miami is a wild affair. We’re talking places you wouldn’t bring your parents or first date, places where it’s dark and loud and people are drunk before the appetizers even come out. It’s all about good vibes and boisterous atmosphere. You can pretty much expect good-looking diners, a turned-up ambience, even live DJs here and there (yes, for dinner). The best of these high-energy, group-friendly restaurants will definitely get you fired up for a wild night out. The bonus: truly great grub.

  • STK

    2305 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    This is a no-brainer. STK has made a name for itself by providing the perfect dine-and-party space for big groups in key US cities. Don’t expect to be the only bachelor party there. For one, it’s a modern steakhouse, so there’s tons of meat to go around. Second: party mode is pumped up with live DJs. While STK has its finger on the party pulse, it’s really all about amazing steaks here. You can go with medium, large or extra large cuts, including filet and sirloin or their can’t-miss, dry-aged Delmonico (boneless ribeye with generous marbling). Entrees like glazed beef short rib and big eye tuna with piquillo pepper puree should not go unordered, either.

    big groups | modern steakhouse | live DJs

  • Cleo

    1776 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    Cleo is just a damn good restaurant. Located at the Redbury Hotel, it’s unassuming on the outside. Diners like to chill on the patio tables and people watch for hours (it’s right on Collins Ave and 18th, which gets tons of foot traffic). But then you go inside and it’s a whole other thing. It’s like when Jennifer Grey walks into that barn in Dirty Dancing and everyone is doing the mambo: You just don’t expect the party atmosphere from the outside. Cleo has a South Beach meets old-world Moroccan gypsy vibe. The feel-good restaurant excels with elevated Mediterranean fare served in mostly shareable plates. You’ll lose it over the lamb tagine and even the basket of soft doughy bread (no, for real. It’s that good).

    Moroccan gypsy vibe | shareable plates | party atmosphere

  • The Forge

    The Forge, West 41st Street, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    A bit Philippe Starck, a bit Alice in Wonderland, The Forge is a whimsical, fantastical, uber-swank restaurant for Miami’s rich and famous, socialite queens and hungry athletes. The design(oversized booths, crazy high ceilings, tiered chandeliers) gets all the attention at this true institution that’s been feeding mobsters and real estate developers since the 1930s. It’s the ultimate party restaurant now, and the New American cuisine is just as imaginative as the design. Officially, The Forge is a steakhouse, so you’ll want to order a steak. This is not debatable. The bloody steaks here are well known for a reason, and come with a signature steak sauce made from 13 secret ingredients. You’ll definitely splurge well here, and party while you do it.

    whimsical | New American cuisine | true institution

  • The Bazaar by Jose Andres

    The Bazaar by José Andrés, Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    People dress for a dinner at The Bazaar like they’re going to tear it up at a swank nightclub. It’s the type of place where the sound of corporate cards being slapped down is almost as loud as the diners, who are loosening their ties and knocking back good wine and cocktails. The Bazaar, helmed by celebrity chef Jose Andres, has become essential dining in South Beach since it opened in 2012. Andres (who worked in the kitchen at best restaurant in the world, El Bulli, before it shuttered) specializes in Spanish tapas with Latin and Asian influences. The food is the conversation of the night, and standout dishes like foie gras pb & j, caviar cones and coffee-rubbed churrasco will make you think about the science of food in a way you haven’t before. That, and you’ll get really wasted, too. Everyone does: It’s the Spanish thing to do.

    Spanish tapas | swank | good wine and cocktails

  • The National

    1677 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, United States
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    Sometimes you want a scene without all the fist pumps, the heavy, rich cuisine or the effort. Brunch at the National is where bachelor and bachelorette parties go where they can actually have a conversation without screaming. It’s a more subdued option: basically a hidden gem where locals go to hide away from the crowds and the crazy South Beach prices. Instead of a DJ pumping out jams, there’s a piano player covering cabaret and pop hits or even a jazz quartet strumming tunes. You can order a la carte, but there’s a great buffet with made-to-order eggs, carving stations (like churassco and NY strip steak) and specialties you have to try, like mushroom risotto. Yes, for brunch. You can sit indoors or out, and you’ll definitely see everyone get lit after all those mimosas and bloody marys.

    brunch | more subdued | great buffet