Leaving Las Vegas: Next-Level Outdoor Activities Leaving Las Vegas: Next-Level Outdoor Activities

Leaving Las Vegas: Next-Level Outdoor Activities

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While the action on famed Las Vegas Boulevard will guarantee some insane bachelor party memories, off-the-Strip, outdoor adventures by day are equally thrilling. More and more guys are exploring Sin City’s sprawling backyard for bachelor party fun, from flying jets to racing cars.

  • Get Your Top Gun on with Sky Combat Ace

    Sky Combat Ace, Jet Stream Drive, Henderson, NV, United States
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    Let’s pretend you have balls of steel, because Sky Combat Ace–just 20 minutes from the strip in Henderson–will let you legitimately, not-a-joke, this-is-really-happening, fly a fighter jet, Sky Combat Ace offers sleek, aerobatic fighter planes that loop through the skies at up to 250 miles an hour (kind of like riding the world’s fastest roller coaster without the rails). You don’t need experience or a license to get in the pilot seat—just the fortitude not to cry like a baby and crap yourself as soon as you leave the ground. And, sure, you’re chaperoned with an actual pilot sitting behind you, just in case you’re already shivering with anxiety. Flights start at $349 per person.

    fly fighter a jet | no experience necessary

  • Glide through the canyons with Flightlinez

    Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon, Nevada Highway, Boulder City, NV, United States
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    Rio Hotel & Casino Resort may have its VooDoo Zip Line outside the strip, but the real deal is in Bootleg Canyon, thirty minutes away. Just ten miles from the Hoover Dam, Flightlinez takes high-fliers through a network of exhilarating ziplines more than 1,000 feet high. The natural landscape is the perfect backdrop and, if you squint real hard, you can see the Strip. Here, you can soar up to 60 MPH, and the longest zip, at 2,546 feet long, is worth the journey alone. The best part? Flightlinez takes private groups any time of day, so if you want to glide through the canyons at 2 am, it can be a reality. Rates start at $159.


    zippiness | 1000 feet high | 24 hour times

  • Scale rock at Red Rock Canyon

    1000 Scenic Loop Drive, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    Twenty miles outside the strip, Red Rock Canyon has become a hot spot for avid mountain climbers. While there’s vast, extensive climbing among towers, summits, cliffs and long crack lines, Red Rock rises in a 3,000-foot wall of red, pink and cream colored Azet sandstone, sprawling ten miles long and cut perpendicular with many major canyons. There’s no sign of civilization, so you feel worlds away. Hardcore climbers have a field day with the number of high-quality routes of moderate technical difficulty. Your hotel concierge can connect you with a handful of licensed, rock-climbing outfitters.

    mountain climbing | 3000 feet high | sandstone

  • Dig a really big hole

    Dig This Las Vegas, South Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    Believe it or not, there’s a way to operate heavy machinery without a contractor breathing down your neck. At Dig This, just minutes from the Strip, dudes can hop on actual bulldozers and excavators for an hour, tearing into the earth with monster blades. Set up to host big-party buyouts (like stag groups), Dig This will let you go wild—in hard hat and neon vest—digging trenches, stacking tires and building mounds, allowing you to tap into your inner Bob The Builder for stress-relieving, limitless labor work. It’s a great way to truly make a mark (literally) in Vegas and, at some point, you can’t help but feel like a human Transformer. Rates determined by party size.

    bulldozers | inner Bob The Builder | dig trenches

  • Get your (speed) freak on with Dream Racing

    Dream Racing, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    After an outing at Dream Racing, you’ll never drive your car the same way again. Sports-car junkies can get behind the wheels of souped-up race cars at Las Vegas Motor Speedway—just twenty-minutes from the strip—to recreate their favorite Fast & Furious moments. Dream Racing provides a fleet of over-the-top, larger-than-life racecars, like the Ferrari F430 GT, for an adrenaline-pumping driving experience, where making screeching laps around the famed tracks is incredibly thrilling. LVMS is home to top sporting and racing events like NASCAR Spring Cup Series, so you can fully live vicariously through your favorite racecar driver. Prices vary by racecar but generally start at $349 for five laps.

    race cars | LV Motor Speedway | Ferrari F430 GT