After Hours: The Best Late Night Meals on The Strip After Hours: The Best Late Night Meals on The Strip

After Hours: The Best Late Night Meals on The Strip

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If you’re doing a Las Vegas bachelor party right, you’re going to get hungry. Late-night restaurants in Vegas are mostly seedy, hole-in-the-wall dives, basic regret spots and fast-food chains that won’t necessarily fix your after-hours cravings. All-in-all, food after midnight isn’t Vegas’ strong suit, despite the hundreds of people staggering out of clubs with an appetite.

Thankfully, there are exceptions. A handful of notable restaurants are open late, rising to the top for after-hours dining with chill vibes and great grub. Conveniently located right on the strip, they serve up excellent, satisfying meals until the wee hours of morning.

  • Northside Cafe and Chinese Kitchen

    SLS Las Vegas SLS Las Vegas, a Tribute Portfolio Resort, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    Research shows that a human’s internal clock increases hunger and cravings–especially for starchy and salty foods–late at night. Moral of the story: you’re going to want Chinese food. You can get your fill of more than 40 authentic Chinese dishes at Northside Cafe & Chinese Kitchen at the hip, millennial-magnet SLS Las Vegas. All the classic dishes like Mongolian Beef, Kung Pao Chicken and Pork Fried Rice are served until 2 am (and Dim Sum until 6 am). Lucky for you, the options go beyond Chinese. Breakfast food, street tacos, burgers and pastas—among dozens of other dishes—are plattered up around the clock.

    authentic Chinese | millennial | tons of options

  • Secret Pizza

    Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Secret Pizza, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    Trust us. There’s no other place you’ll find insanely good pizza at 4 AM. Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was in fact a secret for the longest time (it’s not even listed on Cosmopolitan’s website), until word-of-mouth started generating crazy long lines. Pizzas served here have a crisp crust, perfectly melted fresh cheese and toppings and just the right zest. The New York-style pizza joint on the third floor has no signage, and it’s basically a small space with a long hallway that leads to a walk-up counter. As there are only a handful of stools, most people grab a slice (approximately $5) or a pie (approximately $30) and head back to their rooms or after-hour parties. The biggest secret about Secret Pizza is that you can order a pie via room service (obviously if you’re staying here) to avoid the long lines.

    New York-style | walk-up counter | room service order

  • Earl of Sandwich

    Planet Hollywood Earl of Sandwich, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    Joey from Friends was obsessed with a good sandwich. So was Liz Lemon on 30 Rock. They both would go berserk at Earl of Sandwich. While this 24-hour restaurant specializing in sandwiches (and subs) is a chain, it’s one of the most sought-after spots for a late-night bite at Planet Hollywood. The sandwiches come piping hot on fresh-baked, artisanal bread with the freshest ingredients you can find after the witching hour.

    24-hour | hot subs | fresh

  • Peppermill

    Somerset Shopping Center 2985 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    Even if you stumble in black-out drunk, you’re not imagining things. Peppermill Restaurant is pretty famous and, appearing in movies and TV shows like Casino and CSI, you’ll likely have the ‘de ja vu’ moment as soon as you step inside. The 24-hour joint right on the strip (Somerset Shopping Center) feels like a contemporary diner, with neon-lit, purple interiors, booth seating and high tables, and it’s perfect for groups. It’s all about huge portions of American comfort food here (buffalo wings, salads, steaks, burgers) and, unsurprisingly for a 24-hour restaurant, a slew of breakfast dishes like waffles and omelets.

    in movies | contemporary diner | huge portions

  • Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

    MGM Grand Resort & Casino Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, Oval Park Drive, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is the only celebrity chef-helmed restaurant to serve dishes after 11 PM. It’s more elegant than dive-y (though still uber casual), and Puck’s famed, California-inspired cuisine—from wood-fired pizzas to grilled salmon—lives up to its reputation. Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is the type of place to grab a bite after the bars if you want a more elevated dining experience—or, like many diners, if you’re staying at MGM Grand.

    celebrity chef | elegant | California-inspired food