The Most Exclusive High-Roller Suites In Las Vegas The Most Exclusive High-Roller Suites In Las Vegas

The Most Exclusive High-Roller Suites In Las Vegas

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Booking the highest-category penthouse in any Las Vegas resort for a bachelor party gives you automatic baller status. The views in these extravagant party pads are insane, the amenities are over the top, and you can easily accommodate your entire crew.

But as much as they live up to the hype, these penthouses are, ironically, not the highest class you can get. Las Vegas resorts are known to keep their most coveted accommodations exclusively for big-spending casino guests (the ones that fly in to drop millions at the tables). For decades, these premium accommodations—the Holy Grail of rooms—were not available to the public (not even celebrities). But lucky for you, many resorts began releasing them to the public a few years ago. For the first time ever, regular guys can check into these high-roller suites, without doubt the ultimate bachelor party pads of the famed Vegas Strip. You just have to be able to spend a crazy amount of money.

  • The Mirage

    The Villas The Mirage, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    The Villas at the Mirage (including the elusive Mansion) have reigned as the most enviable, invite-only, high-roller accommodations on the strip not even basic zillionaires could book. This exclusive collection of 29 luxury villas with gardens and pools has long remained a secret the public didn’t really know about, but the resort decided to make a profit from them last year. They are one of the few places on the strip that offer private outdoor backyards, complete with amenities like pools, putting greens, fire pits, barbecues and advanced sound systems.

    A typical villa feels like a private residence with private driveways and dedicated entrances, but twice as extravagant, with 24-hour butler service and huge tubs perfect for champagne baths (if you roll that way). These two- and three-bedroom villas actually have their own booking website and, best of all, they surprisingly won’t break the bank. Villas start at $2,250 a night.

    backyard | 24-hour butler | huge tubs

  • Caesar's Entertainment

    The Nobu Penthouse Villa Caesars Entertainment, Caesars Palace Drive, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas Resorts has a portfolio of ten well-known, bachelor-party-friendly hotels (including Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood and Nobu). In  2015, the company introduced their most exclusive collection of luxury suites and villas to the general public. Among them, and perhaps the cream of the crop, is The Nobu Penthouse Villa at Nobu Tower (Robert DeNiro is an investor/owner).

    Designed by famed David Rockwell Group, this three-bedroom, 10,300-square foot rooftop villa crowns the building, with an additional 4,700-square-foot terrace with sky deck and Zen garden, the perfect place to soak up some of that desert sun. There’s nothing the butlers can’t arrange, like a Nobu chef coming up and preparing an extraordinary, custom meal at the in-suite omakase sushi bar. You’ll have to pony up a pretty penny to make this villa a reality. The penthouse starts at $35,000 a night, which is chump change for the ballers like Justin Bieber and P. Diddy who have stayed here on separate occasions. To book any of the high-end suites and villas throughout the portfolio, you can reserve them online or call the hotel for availability.

    10,300 square feet | sky deck | butlers

  • The Palazzo

    Presidential Suite The Palazzo, South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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    The Palazzo is already known for their massive accommodations (every room, even the lowest category, is a suite). What can we say? This luxury resort likes to think big.

    But nothing tops the sheer size of their Chairman, Presidential and Penthouse Suites, their most high-end inventory. Last year, the resort made these three epically baller categories available to the public.

    Penthouses and Chairmans have multiple bedrooms (from two to five) as well as butler service, baby grand pianos, fireplaces, private theaters, outdoor balconies and private, outdoor pools (in select suites) that mostly look over the resort pools below.

    A typical penthouse suite (starting at 4,000 square feet) generally sits on the highest floor (50th floor), includes three to four bedrooms, showers with control pads, high-tech Japanese toilets, fitness equipment, private spa, theater and huge outdoor terraces with jacuzzis that have 180-degree views. Despite the over-the-top amenities, Penthouses start at a low $4,000 a night while Presidentials start at $8,000 a night. Since these suites are now the most sought after at the resort, you’ll have to call in advance to check availability.

    butler service | private outdoor pool | Japanese toilets