5 Legendary West Hollywood Bars 5 Legendary West Hollywood Bars

5 Legendary West Hollywood Bars

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West Hollywood has been the perfect stomping ground for bachelor parties for decades, teeming with bars, lounges, and clubs–and unlike other destinations in Los Angeles, this neighborhood is the most pedestrian-friendly, so you can bar hop all night. To make the most of your wild nights, you’ll want to end up at these five spots that are platinum-status watering holes for bachelor parties.



  • Barney’s Beanery

    Barney's Beanery, Ruta Estatal de California 2, West Hollywood, CA, United States
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    Barney’s Beanery opened in 1920 as a men’s-only restaurant and saloon, and not much has changed considering the fact that it’s pretty much only dudes in this joint. It’s got a busy outdoor patio, an upstairs that professional athletes like to hide away in, tons of bracketed TVs to watch sports, a pool table, and a huge list of beer and whiskey. Nobody comes here for a quick drink, that’s not how it works. Barney’s is barfly central. It’s also where all the action is at 1 am (bars in LA close at 2), and it will be a guaranteed hoot on the weekends.

    outdoor patio | TVs and pool table | barfly central

  • Soho House West Hollywood

    Soho House West Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, United States
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    They roll out the red carpet when you arrive at Soho House West Hollywood; you’ll rub elbows with actual celebrities, not just reality show stars; and you’ll definitely knock back shots with agents and models. It’s the most exclusive bar in West Hollywood, and if you don’t feel like becoming a member, you better figure out ways to get past the clipboard girl (it’s LA… schmoozing is a sport, so start learning). Expect a huge rooftop space, outdoor patios with unparalleled views of the city, and some of the city’s most well known movers and shakers.

    most exclusive WeHo bar | huge rooftop | movers and shakers

  • Bootsy Bellows

    Bootsy Bellows, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, United States
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    Bootsy Bellows is right behind Soho Club West Hollywood when it comes to popular, exclusive spots in LA. The hottest faces in the city will be here on a Saturday night, so the velvet rope will be in full effect. This is the kind of place where dudes like Usher throw their birthday party, so bottle service is basically mandatory if you want to do things right. The decor is vaudeville-inspired and over-the-top, while the signature random and wacky puppet shows are, of course, best experienced when absolutely sloshed.

    bottle service | over-the-top | get sloshed

  • Whisky A Go Go

    Whisky a Go Go, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, United States
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    Partying down in West Hollywood and skipping the Whisky A Go Go? That’s a Whisky A No No. We didn’t make up that (pretty lame) joke, btw: you hear it all the time in LA from patrons leaving the live music venue after a wild night. Whisky A Go Go is West Hollywood. Since it opened in 1964, all your favorite rock bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Aerosmith and even Foo Fighters have performed live here. It’s a legit legend, and one of the most historic places to catch live music. Be prepared to rock out because it’s going to be an insane night. And, yes, you will be drinking whiskey.

    major performances | live music history | rock out

  • Bar Marmont

    Chateau Marmont, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, United States
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    OK, so Bar Marmont is not in West Hollywood proper. Because of weird zoning laws, it is technically one street outside of the city limits. But vibe-wise it’s very West Hollywood. Right on the Strip, Chateau Marmont is one of the most famous hotels in LA, the site of years of insane celebrity behavior. Head down to the posh Bar Marmont to create some of your own crazy memories. It feels “Old Hollywood” glam but all the young folk who come here guarantee a crazy, new-school party vibe. Yes, you should get there early because it’s exclusive. Yes, you’ll want to impress the door man, because it’s that kind of place. Yes, you’re going to need your AmEx Platinum (or equivalent) because it’s not cheap: expect to slap down $20 for every cocktail. But feel free to let loose once you’re inside: Marmont-ites wouldn’t have it any other way.

    insane celeb behavior | new-school party vibe | exclusive