The Best Destinations For Bachelor Parties On A Boat The Best Destinations For Bachelor Parties On A Boat

The Best Destinations For Bachelor Parties On A Boat

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There’s “I’m the king of the world!” Then there’s “I’m on a boat.” Your crew is going the latter route for obvious reasons (icebergs). Whether you’re deep-sea fishing or rocking a yacht, it’s a lot easier getting out on the water, thanks to the rise of boat-sharing services like Boatsetter, which is basically the AirBnb of the open seas. It connects boat owners with boating enthusiasts like yourself, so you can sail on anything from a speedboat to a super yacht. Another great resource (other than this one) that might come in handy is Discover Boating, which consolidates rentals and charters in one handy site. Either way, it’s time to skipper up and get nautical.


  • Fort Lauderdale

    Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

    Thanks to the near perfect, year-round weather, Fort Lauderdale is the yacht capital of the world, so you can bet you’re going to take one out for a spin.

    You can easily get out to sea on a charter with the works (pool, built-in bar, private band, whatever you need to upgrade on). So put on a captain’s cap and drink, swim, sail the day away. Or head out to the Bahamas, which is about two hours away, with Cruzan, but don’t forget your passports.

    Head to Bimini, a small, Ernest Hemingway-approved island, which is known for excellent bone fishing. If you want to take a fishing boat out from Miami, you can stick around the mangrove bays that attract snapper, jacks and other huge fish supplanted with skyline views of the Magic City.

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  • San Diego

    San Diego, CA, USA

    While its known for being a pretty laid-back, surfer town, San Diego still knows how to party. There are tons of local crews that take boats out for the day or weekend because someone always knows someone who owns a boat. Party yachts are a thing here, and you’ll find plenty of companies that offer day excursions on catamarans or yachts, like San Diego Prestige. For a price, they’ll handle your most demanding or specific requests for on-board entertainment (we’re pretty sure figure-skating strippers who can juggle chainsaws might not be an option even they can’t handle).

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  • New York City & Montauk

    New York City, NY, USA

    A simple look at a map will quickly remind you that NYC, Manhattan specifically, is an island, and thus surrounded by waterways. You have several points of water access, from the Hudson River to the Atlantic Ocean. Bachelor party groups can go small on a party yacht/cruise along the mighty Hudson, where skylines views and Lady Liberty give you plenty to gawk at.

    Or head out to the Hamptons, which despite its high society, party snob reputation, is a huge destination for fishing. In Montauk you’ll come face to face with massive striped bass, big tuna and even sharks if you head out with the folks from Double D.

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  • Key West

    Key West, FL, USA

    Key West in the Florida Keys is a magnet for bachelor parties that want to get on the water. Not only can you go old-school with catamarans and schooners with affordable prices for day trips (whether on a private boat or a public group charter), Key West makes for some of the best saltwater fishing in North America. This is not an exaggeration; it’s known as a bucket-list destination for fishermen and it’s where most seafood restaurants have snagged the trophy marlin or swordfish stuck up on their walls. You can even see dolphins flipping in and out. Check out a charter company like Gulf Stream which offers a combination of onboard night fishing and partying.

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  • Chicago

    Chicago, IL, USA

    We’re not about to send you out to the Great Lakes in freezing temperatures, but if you happen to be in Chicago over the spring, summer or early fall, it’s a great time to take out on the water. There’s an armada of party cruises on Lake Michigan, where the party doesn’t ever seem to stop when you get back (dockside parties abound here too). You’ve got options on arty boats, like a wild tiki pontoon with waterslide or a private yacht where you can bring your own crew, stripper pole, bags of chips, whatever. Or, you can get fast and furious (Monroe Harbor Drift) with a little speedboating.

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  • Cabo San Lucas

    Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

    Sport fishing is one of the biggest draws to Cabo, which, for West-coasters, is about two hours from San Diego, Los Angeles, or Phoenix. Cabo Magic will sail you to the Sea of Cortez where marlin, dorado, and wahoo the size of a Fiat) are eagerly awaiting taking a bite on your hook. Even if you want to go low key and spare the rod and reel, the huge marina here offers booze cruises, private sunset sails, yacht charters,and whatever you imagination (and wallet) can muster. Best of all, when you get off the boat, the party doesn’t stop. The marina is right on “Squid Row,” the main center of nightlife. And if that’s still not what you’re looking for, maybe we’ve got the answer to your Bachelor Party conundrum right here.

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